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  1. Ahh cheers Agent Orange 🙂 that’s nice to read. Likewise, been great being on here.
  2. Hi Frosty, yep I am now doing 150 miles a day, and after a lot of thought a have gone for an automatic BMW 2 series Coupé, diesel. It was a tough decision but I’m already finding the daily commute easier and it’s good to have a bigger fuel tank. Aygos have been my life on and off for 10 years so will see how this goes..
  3. I have just put Aygo bits for sale In the classifieds If anyone’s interested. Stu
  4. All from my 2016 Aygo, and in great condition. (Mats could do with a wipe down, wheel is completely unused) all genuine Toyota products. OEM Bootliner OEM sparewheel kit & tools OEM bootliner OEM rubber / winter mats I will do a deal if someone wants the whole lot. If no one wants it all I will break it all up and sell individually Stu 🙂

    Winter tyres

    I have decided .. Goodyear Vector 4seasons Gen2 are going to be my next tyres. I think they are worth a blast based on the comments. Thanks everyone 🙂

    Winter tyres

    I read that winters come with more tread/ deeper groves. So I wonder if they last longer than say my continental eco contacts if I used them all year round.. then again like someone said, swapping them over at home in March is no biggy

    Winter tyres

    Cheers Aygo Orange 🙂 I will do some more reading and may rethink. I hope you are well. Stu

    Winter tyres

    It’s probably been discussed a million times.. but does anyone run winter tyres and what are the thoughts? I have been looking and Yokohama WDrive come in Aygo 14&15 inch sizes, so will fit my car. I drive 450 miles a week and this week as been so rainy, icey and generally terrible. On my drive to work today I saw 2 accidents. It got me thinking 🤔 about my optimum tyre safety. so are winter tyres worth it or are my Continental eco contact 5s hard to beat? I know winters are the law in lots of parts of Europe so assume they are a good thing? Any thought / experience shares we
  9. Can we please have a detailed low down n this, and what parts are needed as I would like to do the exact same upgrade. thank you
  10. check out my fuel logs on fuelly. I never miss logging a fill up. If you are getting anything over 50 that sounds good. I will be doing some really long runs for work in the new year and hope to get 50+
  11. I have had many Aygos, do serious mileage, and taken a couple above the 100k mark.. like you, one of mine started to use a bit of oil.. my honest recommendation is to just keep topping it up.. it will keep ploughing on..and see how things go. Mine stopped the oil burning after another 20k or so miles passed by.
  12. I have done some of the highest mileage in aygos, and never hesitated to take mine anywhere across uk and Europe. Longest stint in the saddle being from my home to cologne Germany in one go.. circa 9 hrs and 480 miles give or take. The cars can do WAY more than people think, and you will certainly not be overtaken by everyone (unless you are driving too slow. 1. Get car sercviced before trip, ensure it’s in tip top condition, replace anything required. 2. Get an emergency bag of stuff in the boot..oil, bulbs,screenwash etc.. 3. Go have fun and make some memories 🙂

    Mud guards

    Hello, My last Aygo had mud guards, my new one doesn’t.. it’s really noticeable how dirty the side of the car gets, but the back is the worst without them covered in mess I have found the OEM mudguards on the Toyota ebay store, has anyone fitted them? It looks simple enough just a couple of screws. I’m not sure if holes are already on the car I will need to check. I hope I don’t have to drill the body. Ebay item numbers 223063297258 (rear) 223063211462 (front)
  14. After many miles I really think he continental eco contact 5 is hard to beat as an all rounder. I have just put 2 new ones on the front of mine.
  15. It’s the opposite funnily enough. It’s thinner than the last, but the string now has clips on that really easily come off hence 2 are required. I never had that issue with the old shelf.
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