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  1. I have had many Aygos, do serious mileage, and taken a couple above the 100k mark.. like you, one of mine started to use a bit of oil.. my honest recommendation is to just keep topping it up.. it will keep ploughing on..and see how things go. Mine stopped the oil burning after another 20k or so miles passed by.
  2. I have done some of the highest mileage in aygos, and never hesitated to take mine anywhere across uk and Europe. Longest stint in the saddle being from my home to cologne Germany in one go.. circa 9 hrs and 480 miles give or take. The cars can do WAY more than people think, and you will certainly not be overtaken by everyone (unless you are driving too slow. 1. Get car sercviced before trip, ensure it’s in tip top condition, replace anything required. 2. Get an emergency bag of stuff in the boot..oil, bulbs,screenwash etc.. 3. Go have fun and make some memories 🙂

    Mud guards

    Hello, My last Aygo had mud guards, my new one doesn’t.. it’s really noticeable how dirty the side of the car gets, but the back is the worst without them covered in mess I have found the OEM mudguards on the Toyota ebay store, has anyone fitted them? It looks simple enough just a couple of screws. I’m not sure if holes are already on the car I will need to check. I hope I don’t have to drill the body. Ebay item numbers 223063297258 (rear) 223063211462 (front)

    Which tyres ?

    After many miles I really think he continental eco contact 5 is hard to beat as an all rounder. I have just put 2 new ones on the front of mine.
  5. It’s the opposite funnily enough. It’s thinner than the last, but the string now has clips on that really easily come off hence 2 are required. I never had that issue with the old shelf.
  6. Raj, there is only one reason the new one has 2 strings.. it needs them, Toyota changed it from a rigid shelf like you have to more of a fabric blind. If you put anything of weight on it say more than a coat..it would almost certainly collapse and the clips would all come off. Mine barely stays on with one string 🙂.
  7. Here you go Pete, 2 on newer aygos
  8. AMAZING, Thatnk you that’s the part I need 😀
  9. Hello, i have noticed one of the strings is missing off my parcel shelf. Does anyone know a if I can buy this online anywhere rather than a trip to a dealer as it’s small enough to go through the letterbox. 2016 Aygo with the string that has the clips on it to hold the parcel shelf.
  10. Hello people, i picked up my 2016 Aygo exclusive 2 today, I’m loving it sooo much so far, The only thing is the climate control? On the manual dials n my last Aygo I could simply put it on windscreen and speed 1 to stop it misting, but on the digital climate control if I press the windscreen button the fans go on full and aircon comes on which I don’t want. Am I doing something wrong? Also, the road tax was £0, but I was told once the car is 5 years old it will go upto £30. Is this true? Thank you all
  11. Amazing, thank you Devon Aygo 🙂 that’s great. Interesting the prices are fitted.
  12. Hello everyone, I’m hopefully going to buy a well specced White Aygo 2016 the weekend. But I would really like to know where I can buy the red door bumpers and boot trim. Is this something I can buy direct from Toyota? The car I am buying is plain white, but I want it to look like this this.. I will get windows and red roof and front bumper wrap done at a very good local tinted/ wrapper I have used before. I guess I will also have to go to Toyota for a black set of those wheels.
  13. Hello Everyone, I have seen a 2006 4 door Aygo Diesil with low miles,good condition and a good price. I am considering it as a commuter / hack car.. does anyone have any opinions on these diesels regarding reliability? I see it’s a 1.4, and on the book the economy is higher than the petrol Aygo which Is amazing to believe. And torque is higher. Anything to watch out for on the diesil ?


    Hello People, Does anyone know if you can buy a set of X-Premium leather seat covers from Toyota? Thank you