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  1. Ok well going to take it all out was thinking that the fan motor was there as well.
  2. Well not had chance to pull it apart and check but the fan sounds like it is running up to full power just seems to very little air flow no matter what position it is on be feet screen or face. Was thinking might something in the heater adjuster for the vents?
  3. Hi guys I have just brought my dads 2006 corolla 1.6 petrol with climate control the system is not blowing very strong at full power it's cold but weak air flow on all settings. Any ideas or if it a regular thing?
  4. Yeh still have the rear undertray going for free is wanted just need to collect it.
  5. Where did you get it from seems a good price.
  6. Hi all I have a 2010 Toyota avensis 2.0D estate I have been having noise from the brakes when they are hot. They are fine normal driving but if reverse park into a space once I have gone backwards for say 20 feet and apply the brakes there is a loud clunk from I think the rear brakes. It been in 3 times. The first 2 time my dealer said they fixed it but never told me how to this day. I took it back and they said it is fine nothing to worry about. Anyone got the same issues or know the fix for this if if it's a common problem. Thanks
  7. Hi just wanted to let you know that I have some items on eBay for sale off my old 08 plate auris. I have a 16 inch alloy wheel item number 331154466946 Also some rear under tray trims item number 331154586840 Got to get them gone I am moving house and have an avensis now so no use to me. Thanks guys.
  8. Thank god there rated on sales I know a couple of places that would make them drop like a stone.
  9. Hi all just wanted to know if anyone has delt with westlands Toyota in bromsgrove. I brought an avensis from them and had some issues with there sales department. Service seemed ok even if I did have to use them less than 24hours after having the car. Really want to know anyones dealings with them good or bad.
  10. Mine does have a roof arial but it is poor.
  11. The Bridgestone will last longer because its a harder tread than a Goodyear. Been looking to replace my tyres and goodyears are looking like the best choice.
  12. How odd. Don't think that mine has an ariel on the roof. Going to get it in make sure it sorted.
  13. Hardly gets any signal at all at times think I will have to get it booked in.
  14. Well funnily our 2010 tourer is having issues with the radio keeps losing signal anyone else had any problems with this. Bad reception or interference issues.
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