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  1. Mine was also replaced yesterday, under warranty.
  2. I can confirm all the above is correct for my TS.
  3. Hi Martin, Well, I have my Auris TS back from service with a new panorama roof under guarantee (the original developed a crack), and they applied the TSB (they were grateful for me pointing it out to them). It included a software update. We'll see how it behaves next winter...
  4. Hello Martin, here in the Netherlands I am bringing in my Auris Touring Sports 2015 for it's first 15.000 KM service to the dealer. I also suffered the dreaded TSS "Temporarily unavailable" throughout the mild winter. So I brought to their attention the TSB (Technical service Bulletin BE-0071T-1016 TS dated 15.11.16) and they were thankful for that (?!) and will apply it on a new service appointment on April 22nd. They will also replace the cracked panorama roof under guarantee (!). Do you happen to know if the software update you mention is included in mentioned TSB? Or is it even newer and has its own TSB?
  5. My 2015 Hybrid Auris has phenomenally bad cockpit steering column insulation, especially noticeable in the winter. A cold draught emanates from the steering column and its' pokes directly onto the hands and fingers. Horrible! My first Auris Hybrid 2011 Hatchback, which I drove for five years, did not have this issue. Anyone else noticed this?
  6. I leave mine in Eco mostly all the time, even on motorways in France. I never use Normal mode. I only sometimes use Power when in an impatient hurry (always polite and respectful!). B-mode I used to use a lot for motor-breaking for traffic lights and motorway exits. But I recently learned B-mode might actually use more fuel, so I've stopped doing that. Eco all the time. Whatever, the MPG for Auris Hybrid is very disappointing. For me it's boring refuel 38 litre every 650km. My colleague has a Megane diesel with refuel every 1500km! I'm jealous!
  7. I could also even do it from my laptop logged into vehicle settings.
  8. In the Netherlands, I have a 2015 Auris Hybrid Touring Sports which was handed factory-new to me in August 2016 (dealers stocked up in 2015 due to 2016 fiscal changes here in NL). From the autumn and through the soft winter I'm having the same TSS "Temporarily unavailable" warnings. Almost always at the same stretch after roughly 30km on my daily morning drive to work. I was suspecting it was the sun combined with the new broad 2x six lane motorway... Now I've found this thread. I'm about to bring it in for a first service, 15.000km according to the manual if I'm not mistaken. Why doesn't the car advise me that it soon needs it's scheduled service?? What is fascinating, is that even being a very popular model here in the Netherlands, we have no owners forum at all, nor do I see any NL drivers on this forum. The explanation I think, is that here in NL this model and most Hybrids are almost always a company car lease, hardly any private ownership, due to NL fiscal advantages for Hybrids. Anyway, I will address the TSS issue for the service and report back here on their response. Only other issues are the drivers' reading light which almost falls apart when pressing (anyone else?). And the very bad insulation of the steering column which gives cold draughts to your fingers. My previous Auris 2011 didn't have this problem.
  9. Has anybody ever achieved it, is it at all possible, to listen to FM while still receiving turn-by-turn instructions over Bluetooth from my phone (HTC One M7)? For example from Google or Tom-Tom navigation app which is (almost) real-time and not lagging years behind like the built-in Toyota navigation DVD's. My head unit is not a TNS but the B9030 on the 2011 Auris Full Hybrid Executive.