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  1. Cheers, have googled my ***** off and sent emails, but so far, zippo.
  2. So my Yaris makes a thud when you push the throttle hard in the lower gears, which has been traced to "Noise reproduced on road test when accelerating/decelerating quickly. Inspection revealed the cause to be due to the lower rear transmission mount contacting the cross member due to compliance in the rear rubberbush." Anywhere that does upgraded gearbox mount bushes for an 08 Yaris diesel? I can't find anywhere. Cheers
  3. I average between 59 and 62mpg, and I don't hang about
  4. Dad traded the car in today for a 60 plate Citroen C3 so we'll never know what the problem was.
  5. from 3k onwards, louder as the revs increase.
  6. This is my dad's 56 Rav4 T180 affected, 70k miles. When i flloor it, once past say 3k, there is a loud screeching/whine noise coming from under the car. It's not coming from the engine. I've sat in the back to locate the noise, and it's definitely from underneath, maybe between the middle of the car and the back? It does it in every gear, but only after say 3k. It is not speed dependent, only revs dependent. It's not a stone stuck in the brakes, and none of the calipers are hot after a road test. Gear changes are fine, no clutch slippage, no other symptoms. Any ideas?
  7. http://www.caraudioshop.nl/Eclipse-ipc107p-ipod-aansluitkabel-AVN2227p £35 delivered
  8. 15s, tyres decent hopefully, set of 4 please
  9. These type I have the 16" SR type to sell if interested
  10. My 56 plate T180 has a snapped rear droplink, Toyota want £130 for the part! Have looked everywhere online and cannot find individual links,,,are they only available attached to the ARB? Cheers
  11. No mate, I wish. Travelled down to Bathgate for it, quite a drive from Forres.
  12. After taking Eddie the Golf out and falling in love with it again I have sold the Rav to my dad. Eddie was almost sold yesterday but i broke an air vent whilst changing the head unit so the buyer said she would collect it next week. I took it out for another drive and it all came back why i bought it. The Rav is a great 4x4 but I am so happy my dad likes it enough to take it off my hands.
  13. From what I've read the Toyota warranty is better than aftermarket ones. Obviously they won't cover wear and tear items, but also from what i've read, if something really bad does happen, it's !Removed! expensive!
  14. It's not just when stalling, if you release the clutch pedal quickly when moving off, the thud from the engine bay is quite loud.
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