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  1. Thanks for the informative post. I started with knowing nothing, so this is a great help. I had a feeling that the paint job would likely cost in the region of anything up to £500, so after checking the Chipsaway site, at least I can see that it's very likely to cost under £200. There doesn't appear to be any major structural damage. It's just having a paint lacquered bumper means every single tiny bump and knock is there for all to see with it's tiny impact zones showing up like a spider's web. The other car with a conventional black vinyl bumper looked like nothing happened. Mine looked like a substantial collision had taken place, instead of the 5mph knock that it was. I will try and post some photos this week to get more experienced eyes on the matter. Thanks.
  2. I had the unfortunate luck to have my rear bumper badly knocked today. I've had a few minor bumps in the past, but only small cosmetic problems. Today, the collision managed to shatter the brittle paint work on the bumper and also break one of the sensors, seemingly taking most of the impact. I have no idea how much something like this would cost to fix. It clearly needs a repaint to stop the lacquer from coming off in shards, but I've no idea what to expect in pricing. What would be reasonable? Is it something that I could undertake myself? I was looking at the fixings under the car and they appear to be plastic snapping connectors that look like they won't budge without breaking off. Am I right? Can I remove the bumper safely without damaging the fixings? As for the parking sensor, can new ones be purchased, or now that it has come away from the panel, does an entirely new bumper need to be bought? I've tried looking for a Hayne's manual, but there doesn't seem to be one to allow me to get my hands dirty with some knowledge. Any advice gratefully received.
  3. Hello, is this the link you refer to? http://www.toyota-tech.eu/ Pete. Thanks for these links. I've already downloaded a bunch of installation manuals for the likes of USB and DAB. Now, where can I buy the units from? :)
  4. After a few weeks of ownership I've found out a few things about the Bluetooth capabilities of my model of Avensis. To begin with it works ok with my iPhone 3GS. I say just ok because it has just the bare minimum of transport controls. Just Play and Pause. Basically the Bluetooth once connected will play the music streaming from the iPod app on the phone, but it will only play what you have already selected on the iPhone and if you want to change tracks you have to use the iPhone itself, which defeats the object of having Bluetooth control at your fingertips on the steering wheel. The good parts are the sound is good. In fact I think it's better than using a very good quality 3.5mm jack straight into the aux port in the armrest cavity. That could just be a very subjective opinion though. I've not done very careful blind listening tests and to be honest, don't think I'd bother. It's good enough for me. Also the Bluetooth phone support is pretty sweet. Being able to call my wife when I'm on the way home by pushing a couple of buttons on the steering wheel is like the future has arrived. She can't tell she's on speakerphone, she's louder than if she was in the passenger seat and she can hear me without any effort. Such a difference to using the handsfree and speaker built into the iPhone when I was in my old Micra. That was literally impossible to hear when travelling in the car at all. In an effort to have my whole music library I invested in a Jabra A125s Bluetooth Music Adapter to attach to my 160GB iPod Classic. Sadly the device seems destined to only work effectively with Bluetooth headsets and headphones. Despite being able to connect to it using my iMac or PS3, I can't actually do anything useful with it. Even more so in the Avensis. The device just won't connect at all. I tried resetting the devices on the car and changed the security number back to 0000 instead of my preferred combination, but nothing occurs. At all. So, I'm still looking for the perfect solution, without being convinced I'll find one without spending serious money. I'm starting to wonder if proper transport controls with playlist support is even possible using the Bluetooth option. If I find out, I'll keep the topic updated.
  5. Good answers. Thanks. I'll get back to you with my findings. Best not set it off. It would only annoy the neighbours. I'll try it in a car park. :)
  6. When I bought my Avensis a month ago one of the features it was meant to have was an alarm. However, according to the specs it was supposed to have cruise control as well (which it doesn't) so I'm wondering if it doesn't have an alarm either. There's a security light on the middle console when the keys are out of the ignition, but my old Micra had one of them too, and that just had an immobiliser. Wondering if it had one, I locked the car and then shook it hoping to hear some evidence of what the alarm sounds like, and to potentially get used to the sound in case it just goes off one day. Nothing happened. So, the main question is this. Does this model have an alarm fitted by default (it has GPS and dusk sensors so it isn't the basic model) and if it does, what does it take to set it off?
  7. Well, I finally took receipt of my second-hand Toyota Avensis TR and have had a decent couple of weeks with it. There was a problem with the brake actuator (which was thankfully fixed under warranty as that would be over £1000 to fix) and the back seat bench is adrift, which is having a new frame fitted to it next Tuesday. However, apart from the flaky and unfriendly onboard sat-nav my main bug-bear with the car is easily the uncomfortable driver's seat. I suffer from sciatica and the pressure caused by the very firm edge of the seat being so much higher than the recessed area for your backside causes me undue discomfort on the back of my legs. Even though the seats are clearly more luxurious than my 8 year old Micra, I never had such issues with it. My question is this. Can anybody recommend a thin and effective cushion that works in this model of car without sticking out like a sore thumb or being so massive that is includes needless back or lumbar elements? I was thinking memory foam would be the most effective, but I'm open to opinion. I hope somebody can shed some light and perhaps some links to an effective product. Cheers.
  8. I would like to thank everyone that has contributed to this thread. I was due to pay for and drive away my 2009 Avensis TR today, but after reading this thread I went equipped with my iPhone to test this problem out. Lo and behold seconds after registering my device, the Bluetooth disconnected and the dashboard warning light came on and said "CHECK VSC SYSTEM" and "CHECK PARKING BRAKE SYSTEM". Turning the ignition off and back on and starting the engine and turning it off again didn't solve the problem. Neither did removing the Bluetooth profile from the on-board computer. Obviously I wasn't going to hand money over with this problem showing up, regardless of the chap doing the handover assuring me that it wouldn't affect the handling of the car. He even suggested that it was the Apple iPhone to blame and that I would need to sort out the Bluetooth problem myself. Needless to say I wasn't at all impressed at that stance when 10 minutes previously he spoke about how Toyota replaced an entire engine costing £3000 even when it was out of warranty, because they like to keep their name as a reliable brand. Separating hyperbole from fact rarely happens so quickly, although this wasn't from a Toyota garage, so I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Although I would have really liked to have driven the car away today, I would rather have a fully-working car that doesn't have an on-board computer controlling core systems that will crash because a phone was attached. I will ensure that I speak to the Toyota garage doing the checks to make sure that the Bluetooth adapter and the brake actuator are looked at as key suspects. It's at times like these that I love the internet. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I had found the Aux 3.5mm input and the 12v power socket for any old connection in the capacious armrest. Considering the car has got Sat Nav and Bluetooth I thought I would crawl into the 21st Century though, upgrading as i am from a cassette-deck adaptor for my old iPod. Track information and being able to skip tracks would be great. I'm just not confident that it will manage it as well as I hope. That PDF owner's manual does seem like rocking horse shinola. It just doesn't seem available. I guess I'll find out soon enough. Saturday isn't far away. I'll report my findings back here when I do.
  10. Greetings everyone. Technically, I'm not a Toyota owner yet. I'm taking delivery of my 2009 Toyota Avensis 1.8 TR V-Matic CVT on Saturday, and I'm looking forward to the upgrade from my old Nissan Micra. I test drove a fair selection of medium/large cars like Mazda 3's, Honda Civics, Audi A4 and Skoda Octavia and frankly nothing touched the 2nd hand Avensis that I found, for comfort, back-seat comfort, ease, features and in-cabin peace and quiet. Rather irritatingly I didn't pick up the Owner's Manual from the glove compartment to get myself acquainted with the car, but I just assumed I could find a PDF version of the manual online. How wrong I was. Wherever I look (and I've been pretty thorough) I can't find an owner's manual online, for even the old Avensis. Is there an owner's manual out there? It would be a bonus if I could keep one on my Kindle. It seems very 20th Century to not have an electronic version of such an important document these days. My other question was related to the Bluetooth capabilities of the stereo. If I was to invest in a bluetooth transmitter for my iPod Classic, or use my iPhone's bluetooth mode, does the music play in all the car's speakers and show track data on the audio info screen? I figured that the Bluetooth would only play through the driver's side speaker for phone calls. Thanks in advance for any advice given. Cheers.
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