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  1. That corner panel is plastic and will push out with some heat applied like a kettle of hot water poured onto it or an hairdryer.
  2. Had this problem on our Rav 2002 petrol and it turned out to be the MAF (Mass air flow) sensor. Started off driving ok then started playing up when it got warm, no acceleration, jumping, then it would run ok for a bit. You can try cleaning the small wire inside with a cleaner but don't soak it else it will be knackered all together. I tried cleaning but it was still no good so had to replace with a new one, think it was £115.
  3. Yes please. If it's still available. I will PM my details.
  4. You looking at a 3 or 5 door? Wifes previous 5 door Rav was getting about 26-28 around town with careful driving, haven't tested the 3 door she has now so can't say but believe they are near the same sort of figures?
  5. I had this problem on wifes petrol 3 door not long ago but managed to get it off using one of those straps attached to my ratchet. I put the strap as near to the top of the filter as I could get it for extra strength and luckily it came loose, last one I did before this came off by hand.
  6. Just an update on this as the beeping was continuous yesterday morning when daughter was going to work but stopped when the car stopped then came back when the car was moving. So she came back home and we went a short drive so I could have a look/listen but when I got in it wouldn't happen so for some reason I pulled the handbrake lever up slightly and the beeping noise started and my daughter said that was the noise, released it and it stopped. So I have told her to make sure the handbrake is fully down for now and see if the beeping happens again??
  7. Thanks for the replies folks. The beeping hasn't happened at all since last weekend so just seems odd. There are no reversing sensors on it and fuel was half a tank full and as far as I can tell no TSS. I have added a piccy of the Aygo if it helps?
  8. Thanks for the replies folks. Not sure when it was registered but I think it was August 2015 so might be the TSS I will check later. Well seeing as how it might be the clutch I phoned the local Toyota dealer where she bought it from and spoke a lady who said she once had an Aygo and sge got a clicking warning noise when her clutch was on it's way out not a binging sound so without looking she couldn't say so have booked it in but not until 25th next month which was the earliest they could do😮 However daughter has said the sound hasn't happened now since late Sunday and she uses it every day for work etc.Only thing I have done was to fill up her windscreen washer bottle so could it have been that??
  9. Fuel was fine and the satnav/ stereo was switched off apparently Neil, but I just found an older thread where it was the clutch plate getting hot giving off a beeping sound, buy my daughters Aygo has only done just over 10k miles from new so hope it's not the clutch?? It's a manual DA.
  10. No Neil her boyfriend was in the passenger seat.
  11. That I haven't a clue FB but know it is the Xpression, Xwave model with reversing camera if that helps?? How could I check?
  12. Hi folks. My daughter recently bought a very nice 2015 Aygo and she loves it especially with the fabric fold back electric roof, but while she was out driving it over the weekend she started to get an intermittent beeping sound coming from the dashboard area but no signals were showing on the dash. We've looked in the manual but can't find anything relating to this sound. Any idea what this could be? TIA.
  13. How does the Yaris Hybrid perform in the snowy conditions with normal tyres anyone know. When we bought the Yaris I asked about winter tyres and was told that the Yaris is fine in the snowy conditions so long as you switch the traction control off??
  14. Thank you Anthony we are picking the Yaris up this Saturday so will have the bank holiday to use and get used to it. I was going to have the reversing sensors fitted but will see how Mrs P gets on first but have ordered mud flaps and a boot liner 😎
  15. Hello everyone just thought I would introduce myself as I used to post mainly in the Rav forum but now we are becoming Yaris Hybrid owners. I say we as it will be my wifes car , as was the Rav, as I am no longer able to drive. We owned the Rav for nearly seven years and it has been a fantastic car an d still has plenty of life left in it with only 78k on the clock for an 04 petrol model, but times change and with the little amount of driving Mrs P does now we thought we would get a smaller more upto date and more economical car and the Hybrid Yaris seems ideal. We went for a test drive last week at our local Toyota dealers as they had a 14 plate Excel model in which was in our price range, with some extras fitted, it was automatic, keyless entry and start, and rear view camera and satnav all the items Mrs P wanted so after the test drive we decided to have it and we should be able to pick it up probably this weekend. We hadn't even considered an Hybrid until we had a Rav Hybrid courtesy car for two weeks and we both loved it, once we got used to it so are hoping the Yaris will be as good but on a much smaller scale 🙂
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