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  1. Hope you will have a great time here. I'm looking forward to read more of your posts.
  2. If you are a Toyota lover this site really fits to you. Welcome aboard!
  3. Hi Alex, Welcome most to TOC. Hope you will enjoy your stay here.
  4. Nice car and photos Gary, Welcome most to TOC.
  5. Well what did you do about it?I think this is my first time to hear such a problem like this.
  6. jirehn

    Off Road

    I never had an exprience using it, But I think RAV off road is cool I saw it and I really want it.
  7. Hope you will enjoy your stay here. nice to meet you.
  8. Welcome most in this forum, I also want that car it looks very nice and great.
  9. Well you really enjoy driving Toyota, It is a great car and really you love it. Welcome aboard!
  10. Welcome most in this forum Abdullah, Nice introduction!
  11. Never heard this problem before. But you need to work on this one. This is also important in case of emergency.
  12. Thanks for this post, You really give me a broad idea. Welcome most to TOC.
  13. You really enjoy that car dude, Congrats and have a safe drive.
  14. I think this is a great service. Good Luck to you dude.
  15. Welcome most to TOC Gav, corolla T-Sport is great.Hope you can have a great time here.
  16. Well Aygo is a pretty cool car from Toyota, Hope you can have it. Congrats.
  17. Try to go online, or look some of this mats in Ebay.
  18. Hi, Welcome most to TOC, Glad to have you here. Hope you will enjoy your stay here.
  19. Well this is a great idea, But one thing comes in my mind, the aircon is very heavy.
  20. Nice intro dude, I think you have a ot of knowledge in BMW cars. Welcome most in TOC.
  21. Hi Dabooka, How's your 56 RAV4?Is it really great?Welcome aboard!
  22. Hi Steve welcome most in this forum again, Glad to have you here.
  23. Do you have some photos on this one?
  24. I will look forward to read more of your posts Michael, Welcome aboard!
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