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  1. Hi Any body got a front bumper guard/ Abar for a 2008 Rav 4 for sale please let me know price and if ,used or new. Cheers Stevedale5
  2. Hi Just noticed a slight blowing noise from the exhaust front pipe/ DPF to turbo took heat shield off black sooty Mark from flange that bolts onto turbo all 3 nuts tight on flange seems to be blowing between flange and pipe could it be gasket or is flange welded on inside as there only 3 spot welds on outside anybody had this happen before its on 2008 D4D 2.2. Regards Stevedale5 Sent from my iPad using Toyota OC
  3. Hi Spot on guys changed the fuel filter, hesitation now gone and the obc figure has gone up. Cheers Steve
  4. Hi Just noticed the mpg has dropped by 6 to 8 mpg in the last few days. Since engine fitted have used Bp ultimate and have been on shell v power since christmas. Should I try an additive if so any recommendations. Could it be just a bad batch of v power I ve had. Cheers Steve
  5. Hi All Wife has just picked me up in our Rav 4.3 D4D 2008 and has said the car is hesitating at 2000 rpm to 3000 rpm and lacks power. I have tried the car myself and she,s right I have had my laptop plugged in no fault codes but have noticed when it does hesitate the fuel pressure drops from 80000 kpa to around 25000 kpa then back to 80000 kpa it has full service history the fuel filter was changed at 39k genuine in 2010 and the car has 68k on. Engine replaced by Mr T last year at 62k.Just hope its something simple anyone had this happen before. Thanks Steve
  6. Hi Grasshopper I have a travall metal dog guard which is easy to remove and refit 2 mins,really good fit and no rattles also good for luggage separation.Only minus quiet expensive think about £110 to £120 delivered if memory serves me right.Website is www.travall.co.uk Regards Steve
  7. I'II second that from Keith,Just been out in rav and backed the heat off slightly and the revs dropped back to normal its very similar to the focus we have with the heated screen and you can here it pull the alternator down to the point its rattley.So thanks again to everyone and especially Don for his contributions. Regards Steve
  8. Don I didn't quiet grasp what you were telling me but have worked it out now.Took the Rav out to take the dogs for a walk returned to the car and put the heater onto the hot (red section) and when I pulled up the revs rose to 1200 rpm so I turned the temperature control round to cold (blue section)and the revs dropped to 900 rpm.So is there afault with heater temperature control valve.Sounds to me Keith is having the same problem and could it be a common fault emerging on the 4.3s in very cold weather. Regards Steve
  9. Don I will try that Don when the weather picks up Steve
  10. Don The heater fan is off so is the A/C,air recirculation off,Heated rear screen off.Started it up tonight it idled at 1200 rpm let it warm up to 80 degrees engine temp still idling at 1200 rpm took it for 10 min drive and noticed if you cruise in neutral the revs drop to 850 rpm.Returned home and she was idling at 850 rpm.Went out again and the idle was normal she runs ok the only other thing is sometimes I can hear a slightly hissing or sucking noise near the air filter box but checked all the pipe work and air filter box but this is only occasionaly and very hard to hear and I think she may be using more fuel but that could be down to the cold weather and short trips.I think Keith as the same problem it is intermittent, I think I had the same problem when I bought it last January but it disappeared shortly after purchase but has come back.Was wondering if there was any Toyota TSB,s that any one could remember. Steve
  11. Have turned off all electrics,but still idling at 1200 rpm this is intermittent though and will drop to 850 rpm sometimes, temperature of vehicle not effecting it.There are no warning lights on the dash and plugged in code reader no fault codes. Could it be the low outside temperatures causing the cold start to kick in. Steve
  12. Hi Can any one shed any light on my Rav 4.3 D4D idling at 1100 revs to 1500 revs even when it has warmed up and also noticed slight tapping noise from engine area.The engine seems to surge on tick over as well. Also mpg dropped by 4 to 6 mpg new engine fitted last august and have been using bp ultimate but just had 2 fills of Shell vpower, full service 3 months ago, any ideas! Cheers Steve
  13. stevedale5


    Hi Paul I was getting 34 to 36 mpg on supermarket fuel with a 134bhp diesel manual 08 plate but switched to Bp ultimate and started getting 40 mpg just tried shell vpower and its gone up to 42 mpg the bp and shell are more expensive but it is worth it to keep the engine clean. Steve
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