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    Won't Start

    My trusty Toyota Yaris has let me down today for the first time. Jumped in to pop round to the local shop, only to find that she won't start Blue 3-Door 2000 (W Reg) 1.0L VVTi (43k on the clock) Half a tank of fuel, electrics all OK, starter motor is turning the engine over but no life from the engine. It's almost as if there is no spark, a fuel problem or a sensor issue. I tried removing the battery for 30mins to try a reset on the ECU, but that didn't help either. Can anyone offer some advice?
  2. Hi there, I already have an account registered but cannot log in, even after trying to reset the password. Had to register this 'Temp User' in order to contact admin staff. Please can you help me recover the account for allan@bowker.biz , thanks.