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  1. its the mount behind it for the middle seatbelt, same unit thats besides front seats
  2. is there one in the same place other side of the steering wheel, if there is, i would go with its a blank for covering screwheads
  3. mines stopped fully during the warmer weather last year when the the winter came guess what it come back, TBH id rather a bit of smoke rather than relacing that badboy of a front end exhaust needing a replacement! and recently since weather warmup it stopped again
  4. I would only pay for that diagnostic if it IS NOT a warrantee procedure, you should not pay for diagnosis of a KNOWN warrantee claim of engine failure
  5. maybe taking the front wheels off the small bike and placing them in the boot, if you have boos space for it? I dunno I used to do this on a old van
  6. I personally think you haven't got how a turbo can work on high power diesels , im pretty sure until you get used to driving these freight trains you get a very jerky drive until probable a 3 month wait of getting it smooth. what you got to realise is that on a 180 your probably getting a extra 80bhp on full boost and silly amounts of torque on boost you will get massive surges in power in boost where as out of boost you will get quite a bit of lag!
  7. I had the same problem, all sorted due to cr-v shorter mast
  8. defo head gasket hope you got good service history then get to mr T and get a 3/4 engine swap!
  9. I had 1 little cough previous to the weekend not major but the only thing different there was SUPERMARKET FUEL im starting to wonder Is this the case, any other views on this may help, as I know Morrisons use partial bio mix which I have never put in but have heard it can cause problems with later diesels
  10. update, still no incident since weather warm up , woohoo
  11. well my fingers are crossed, since about mid last week when the temps rose to 10'c + i havnt hat a single puff, i think when the cold start is on for longer periods in cold weather and cooler exhaust temps the sensor sends it in to regen more often than usual obviously to keep it clear! ive got used to using is as a smokescreen to the boy racers as they try to pass on entry to the dual carriageways ;)
  12. exactly the same here with 08 t180, new engine 6000 miles ago but have noticed the exact same thing with mine, will smoke aroud the time the lights for cold engine goes out and if spent a fair bit poodling around as you can imgine this engine will be quite dirty running due to the high emmissions regardless of all the cats and dpf. when my engine was replaced I had a new 5th injector. the main cause of this smoke is during cold weather that 5th injector works harder than it should to keep the cats hot, im waiting for the hotter weather to see if it still happens. I just think the car goes in to regen mode quite more often than usual during cold temps.
  13. do you have the air con switched on as i find with mine t180 the idle goes to about 1100 revs when the air con is on and then drop back to normal the back up again as i think the aircon doesnt work that well on slow idle hence picking up the idle to make it work full, dont know if this is the same on others but i have climate
  14. i got an 08 t180 no aux or bluetooth, but im pretty sure the latest parrot does both these jobs well plus you can take to your next car
  15. the thing i might point at first is the condition of your water, ie if its really rusted you could have a partially blocked heater matrix also check the water pump it may be worn and not pushing the force it should