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  1. I found some leftover bathroom seal and I used it around the vents on both sides to be safe. So far no leaks! Thanks for all the help guys.
  2. Thank you ever so much, I'm hoping it's one of these then - looks like I have a job this weekend. Cheers, Peter
  3. I'm seeing quite a few people have reported this! Has anyone got it fixed under a used dealer warranty? Or should I perhaps see if and/or why Toyota didn't recall it? Am I too late with a '58 plate car?
  4. I seem to have water coming into the boot of the car on the left-hand side. It looks like it's coming from side of the car - not from above or beneath. I did try spraying a hose pipe everywhere on the outside - but I couldn't manage to make it happen again. I've mopped it up a few times - so definitely not a case of spilling some drink. Here's a picture if it helps: Has anyone else had this? I'd be very interested to know if its a common problem or just bad luck. I do have a 12 month warranty from the dealer, but I'm concerned that's probably not worth the paper its printed on! If it's a mino
  5. Oh trust me - we've done all of the deer puns and that was just with the police after it happened. That's for the tips from the rest of you - I'll have a closer look. I think what confused me was the lock button not being lit - sometimes useful at night!
  6. Hi there - I've recently acquired a Auris TR 58 plate. I notice the cabin lighting a bit different to my old Corolla. Is there supposed to be a lamp near the electric window controls? Only the part that says AUTO is lit, not the central locking buttons. Also the wing mirror switch isn't illuminated - is this normal? The front light angle switch does have a light. Finally the light around the cigarette lighter seems to only sometimes work. My poor Corolla Colour Collection ran in to a fully grown doe at 70mph and both were written off! Sorry if I'm a bit out of the game! Thanks, Peter
  7. Definitely the same as these? http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/8489/alloy.jpg Many thanks Bos!
  8. Don't need to be perfect - just buckle-free! Do get in touch if you've got some available.
  9. I managed to get it looked at. Turned out the solder on one of the contacts on the window glass had failed, it came away with very little effort. It's working again after being re-soldered! Very pleased.
  10. I can see a white box marked 'relay integration' - but looks to be part of the fuse box. Looks like I'm out of my depth, thanks for all the hints - at least I know it's not something really obvious - so if it costs, it won't be like they just changed a fuse or something! I think I'm going to have to get my mate to look at it (assistant manager at Halfords auto centre - yeah yeah I know).
  11. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230867666154 I spotted these earlier - just ordered myself a set!
  12. I think I need to track down where the relay actually is - I can only guess it's near the fuse box in the cabin. I was fairly sure the heated mirrors was just an option (now you've got me thinking!) - no mine's a 1.6 CC - definitely the facelift model too. Thanks for your help - looks like I need to have another dig around later!
  13. Interesting - I'm definitely hearing the relay click when I switch it off. My model doesn't have the heater wing mirror heaters - but I'll double check if a fuse was left in and if it's working.
  14. Yep, those are the ones I found. I tested the one for defrost and it's fine. Looks like the Corolla was originally built with the left-hand drive model in mind (unlike my old Celica), as it's actually behind the glove box and mounted upside-down (as the manual describes). I pulled some other ones to check I was in the right place. I pulled back all the trim on the rear window and tested the wires that attach to the glass - there's a circuit. I also tested the wire that attaches to the screen, up to a plug in the wiring loom - again seems fine. No voltage when I turn the screen on. I can only t
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