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  1. Many thanks, both. My fault, I said EU 🙂 I'm from Malta, and the car is indeed covered for 5 years/ 100k Miles (alike a car purchased in the UK), and is ending quite soon. Always serviced at Toyota dealer. Thanks again, I shall definitely check with the dealer here then. Kind regards,
  2. Hello all, For some time I have been noticing a knocking sound (front right hub) when turning the steering or parking my Yaris'14 particularly when the car is inclined. I am suspecting the CV outer joint but will investigate further shortly. Car has 35k Miles on the clock. In the meantime, I would like to ask whether the cv joints are indeed covered under the 5 year, 100k miles warranty (powertrain?) I have. Car is coming out of warranty by end of year. Many thanks for your help. Kind regards,
  3. Hi all, Happy new year to you all. I was having some issues on my bluetooth unit. I have an Auris 1.33TR 5dr 2011, RHD and the stereounit was malfunctioning. It was replaced under warranty but as soon as I got it back configured, I noted that now that during a voice call, the sound was coming out from the left speaker rather than the right (drivers side) as was the case before. Is there a setting somewhere to get it back on the driver's side? Best regards and thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  4. Hi, could you also help me with a chassis no to determine the Year of manufacture. I tried to pm you but to no avail. The 10th digit of the VIN is showing a 0 (2010?)and I am getting this Auris new next week. Also the last 7 digits are under the 8000 mark. Assuming 100 cars are made daily, by the 9th month, i.e september, this number should most likely be 27000. What are your views. I can email you the vin if you kindly let me know how best to reach you.