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  1. Any luck with the lock issue! Same prob here with my yaris unlocks but wnt lock! And nothing do with doors not shut! Only got 3 and have giving them all a good slam! This has not worked for years according to last owner but it's bugging me!! I can unlock but bot lock!! Grrrr any help muchly appreciated! :-) x
  2. I've got the exact dame problem! It's not to do with black spots or battery or re programming or Doors left open! I am trying to find out also what is causing it and it's a pain! The light flashes to unlock car on remote but doesn't when I press lock! It's the same on all my brand new keys I've spent 100s on remotes still the problem is there! I have found that yoy can lock mine but only by pressing the unlock button 1st then very quickly pressing the lock button, that works even tho the car is already unlocked it wants me to press unlock then within 2 secs press lock and bang... The light fla
  3. Hi, just wondering if you fixed this prob and if so wat was it?? Ive got exactly the same prob with my 2001 yaris t sport and it's bugging me! Got 3 remotes all with new batteries and all re programmed to the car but still no luck!!! I have found a way around it but it's still not ideal and just want my remote locking to work how it should!! Grrr :-( xx
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