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  1. Fair comment, but it does get to you after a while! I traded a 14 year old Mercedes S Class (which was developing compression problems) for my Prius. I was struggling to get 14mpg and thought 40mpg would be heaven (cutting £100 off my average monthly fuel bill). After a few months at 50mpg, I can't help resenting a drop to 40 mpg and have to remind myself that 40mpg was what I aspired to! Jags? I love them. My heart belongs to Jags and my head belonged to Mercs. I alternated. Best car I ever had? A V12 Jag (when I could get all 12 firing). "12" meant mpg on a good day as well cylinders.
  2. Press the ECO button (the one next to the EV button). I have an EV button and next to it a switch-sized indentation in the plastic but no switch. Can I have yours? Geoff
  3. That's as may be, but I want one!! Where do you get them from? Arifax
  4. Argh! So much I don't know. For example, how do you get a read out of the engine temperature? My figures aren't personal calculation - just from the computer. I see it also lies to me. If it was honest, it would show the engine as running and charging the battery when stationary at traffic lights, not displaying engine and motor off as it does. Geoff
  5. I don't think I have an eco mode - just an EV button which turns into a purely electric car. It refuses to do so more often than not!
  6. I got my ('06 T-Spirit, 80k) Prius in August. I had seen on the forums that mpg gets worse in cold weather. Until last week when the temperatures dropped, I was getting just over 50mpg without any difficulty - more if I made a special effort at economy driving. It's not exactly winter yet but the mpg has plummeted to 42. I sit at traffic lights expecting the engine to stop, but it doesn't - presumably trying to keep me warm! I have the a/c set to 20 degrees. How much worse is it going to get? It is burning fuel almost as fast as I am shedding tears! Geoff
  7. Thanks. If that's in the manual, I missed it. Geoff
  8. The radio buttons on my car started failing intermittently, and then stopped working altogether. The initial failures were somewhat random, but usually involved the Power button. The last failure was of all the buttons except for the power button which still worked. None of the others (mode changes, unload CDs etc) would work. The dealer reset it (apparently by disconencting the battery) and all is well at the moment. If it fails again, it will apparently have to be taken out and sent to a sepcialist repairer to check for loose connections. If that fails, the only solution will be to replace
  9. Thanks. I'll have to try it again. Geoff
  10. Tried to copy the entire phone book from my android (HTC Desire S) phone to the Prius last night. The Prius would allow me to send the contacts one at a time, or upload the whole lot in one go. There is no facility on the phone to send them all, so I got an app (recommended all over the place on the web) called "Bluetooth File Transfer" which offers to transfer pretty well anything anywhere, and has a purpose built facility to transfer contacts. On the first attempt, it seemed to transfer all of the contacts but made nearly a hundred entries for the man we don't use any more to cut hedges. T
  11. I have lashed out the £150 for an updated disk and have received four, so that I can now navigate msyelf safely and in detail to the top of Norway, the toe of Italy or somewhere near Moscow. Which doesn't help a lot, given that all I was really bothered about was several new housing developments in the Leeds area, the wierd one-way system in Bradford and getting to the UEA in Noriwch when my daughter goes there in 2012 (fingers crossed). Distraught (and have I ever been otherwise?) to find that they have sent me the 2010/11 disk which claims to use maps "up to date as of September 2009". Which
  12. In the absence of a flood of comments "Yes they're great - buy from thenm with confidence" I think I'll have to go down the offical Toyota £150 route. The disc in the car at the moment is 2006. I do need to update, partly because the centre of Bradford ahs been demolished and replaced with a huge pile of rubble (covered with grass for when Price Charles passed through) and a bizarre one way system. So I will update to 2011. But I don;t think I'll be doing at again. TomTom was so much better - £60pa got me four map updates, user map updates, traffic and cameras for a year. Geoff
  13. Thanks to both of you for the suggestions. Geoff
  14. You may have noticed that I have just bought a second hand Prius (see thread elsewhere if not). As I usually try to do, I made sure that I got to the dealer selling the car before he had time to clean it up for display. That way, you get to see the real condition of ther car before he has worked his magic. For example, just before seeing this one we walked away from one two years younger becuase we could see that the last owner had not cared for it all. It had a dirty, "lived in", dilapidated look and feel which the dealer could have hidden behind some decent valetting and careful touch-up.
  15. Does anyone have any experience of update dvds from here: http://www.sat-navi.co.uk/? Given they are about a third of the price of the official ones, I assume that they are illegal copies or rubbish, or both. Geoff
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