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  1. sorry asha, hey fizz, got 2 agree with u, mr2 gt turbo has got the looks and the power, can be moded on the body kit and 4 the power, so accylad go 4 the mr2 gt turbo or the st205 celica, thier nice cars.
  2. ello ello ello, wat do we ave ere then? welcome 2 toc mate, this is a very friendly cub that offers alot of advice when u need it and r very supportive 2 1 another, nice car, like the gtr very much, cant help with wat ur asking but i'm sure some1 will be able 2 help u out, jus need 2 wait a short while.
  3. thanks again mate, need all the advice i can get, car should be going in on the weekend 2 get these things tested and replaced ect
  4. kelvyn and leeky, thanks guyz, that i didnt know so i will get that checked out asap, thanks again
  5. iqqygt4, nice 1 mate, i'll speak 2 my cuz about that and see if he will be able 2 sort that out 4 me, he's a veh technician and a really good 1, does it make ur car sound any louder, thanks mate
  6. theres a place in cornwall, i think thats how u spell it, well any way, they r very good but i cant remember wat they r called, will have 2 speak 2 my brother about that and will get back 2 u, they r really good and cheap aswell, including labour.
  7. oh, i would like 2 attend, so if some 1 can let me now when and where plz, it would be my 1st time to attend this sort of a get 2gether as i aint been a memeber 4 2 long. thank u
  8. hi peeps, got a problem with my baby gt4, she over heats if i drive over 90 mph or if i thrash it around after a good while, :ffs: parts i've had replaced and still have the problem new rad. new rad cap. new water pump. new thermostat. new turbo gasket. new head gasket. second hand head which was crack tested and was fine. cam belt replaced. serviced. its doin my head in, :ffs: i really like the car and want 2 keep it, wat else can it be, when it over heats the water flows out from the over flow pipe, i dont need to top up alot of water only a very small amount, i shouldn't need 2, can any1 help me please. thanks in advanced
  9. got it wacked on, looks awsome, dont sound 2 good though, so i need 2 get the car de-cated and get da silencer removed, aint complaining more power. mazda mx5 v6 are alittle quick, my mates got 1, didn't really test the cars out though.
  10. i've finally got round 2 get dat exhaust put on, it was a mission as most garages didnt want 2 know cos it was a pain in the ***** job, but a really good welder said he'll sort it out, its semi done and looks nice, should sound nice aswell, can't wait till da neigbours start complaining when i go back 2 work (dnt know when dat will be though)as i do shift work, 1 am and 4 am ha ha. thanks mate:thumbsup:
  11. nice 1 mate, u must be a proud father! car looks nice and the spec sounds even better, must sound even better when u take it 4 a test drive good luck and take care of ur baby
  12. fiz-gt4

    New Here

    hi buddie, welcome 2 the friendly TOC site, which celica do u hav
  13. fiz-gt4


    celica kid, thats funny, thats wats theses little ****s deserve, well done mate, u got the ldy with the dog aswell, nice one
  14. fiz-gt4


    set a booby trap i'm a cop and a few weeks ago we caught a youth nickin parts of a motor cycle 1st we had 2 give chase, 3 got away and the 4th was caught, it felt good when he tried 2 resist arrest, we get 2 use no more FORCE than is REASONABLY required, in other words i had fun on his expense and that runt felt a tad bit of pain,
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