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  1. Yep, no doubt, but the web page script is expecting a code contained in the link in the email..... and the log-in asks for the Which members credentials Cheers!
  2. You are normally only able to enter the survey from a link in an email invite sent to the Which member by.... Which Cheers!
  3. Hello everyone, some less-than-welcome news. Twice in the last fortnight I have experienced a repeat the TSS issue (warning light coming on, systems disabled). Both times it was in full sun (sun behind me) about 5 degrees Centigrade and on the M5 Northbound at roughly the same spot just North of junction 21 - and 30 minutes into the journey. Both times it had been raining earlier in the journey (about 10 minutes prior to the incident). Both times I turned the screen demist on full (with aircon). Climate with aircon was on prior to the incident. After about 2 minutes the warning light went out. I don't use my car that much nowadays (4k miles in 12 months) because I don't have a need to and so I have no idea if this would be a more regular ocurrance. I've had a chat with the Service Manager at my local dealership and he says there have been no other recent reports so we agreed I'd monitor the situation and if there are any further incidents I'll book it in for a check-up. Cheers! Martin
  4. Sorry Mike, wrong: "The right to use your own repairer is covered under the consumer rights directive 1993, The Association of British Insurer's (A.B.I.) What was the Office of Fair Trade (OFT) the Financial Service Authority(FSA) which is now the FCA and the Vehicle Body Repair Association (VBRA/RMI) all agreed that the consumer has the right to choose! The Consumer rights act 2015 now supercedes it. Motor Vehicle block exemption regulations ec1400/2002 EU law ensures, for competitive purposes, that every car owner has the right to freely choose any repair shop to provide services and repairs for their vehicle (see the Block Exemption for motor vehicles and the Market Court (2012:13)). Manufacturers are obligated to provide the information necessary for any independent repair shop to be able to perform these repairs and services. Application part 8 of the Enterprise act for unfair trading regulations 2008 The Consumer Protection for unfair trading regulations 2008 and application 8 of 2002 enterprise act, prohibits unfair commercial practices including agressive "Steerage techniques" and misleading actions, these are action which may materially distort your economic behaviour. “materially distort the economic behaviour” means in relation to an average consumer, appreciably to impair the average consumer’s ability to make an informed decision thereby causing him to take a transactional decision that he would not have taken otherwise; 2015 Insurance Act also stipulates prior to a contract occuring, the insurer has to make the insured aware that the contract fulfills the demands and needs of the consumer,and any adverse term or condition is brought to the attention of the consumer. This should have no material detriment to the consumer. To advise after the contract has occured any restriction's in the consumers choice, or advise that you seek to reduce your contractural liabilities is a breach of the act. Do not let the insurance company tell you otherwise!
  5. I disagree on practical grounds. Legally / technically you're probably right, but I understood only Toyota has the calibration equipment for Toyota vehicles and it's different for each make of car, so what happens when there's a fault again - plus are the autoglass technicians fully trained in this, do they have the Toyota software or can they access it? Finally a recalibration session takes half a day in the workshop (it did when they fitted my new heating element as they had to remove the pod), so will autoglass do this on your drive or do they have a dedicated workshop? If there's a repeat of the TSS problem next winter I do believe Toyota is within its rights to say "not my problem, speak to the people who re-calibrated it" and it would be so much simpler for your insurance company to have Toyota do the job in my view. A good first step would be to discuss it with Autoglass and understand if they have fully trained technicians, the right equipment and a dedicated workshop. It may well be that your insurance company does not understand what is involved with the TSS system. Frankly I think you need legal advice. A visit to your local Citizen's Advice Bureau would be a good starting point and most solicitors offer a free 30 minute advice session - and I'd also recommend asking a question on the Honest John website: (on the righthand side there's an orange box with "? Ask Honest John" at the top) Good luck! Cheers Martin
  6. Hi, the crack would mean a new windscreen - damage of less than 40 mm (4cm) in diameter is legally acceptable, but your crack looks much longer than that and in any event it will probably creep up the screen to the top, meaning a replacement is essential. My guess would be that a new screen will require action from Toyota to re-attach the camera pod and probably to re-align the camera and laser, but suggest a call to your dealership will tell you all you need. I would think they are probably the only place to go to get this fixed, because the windscreen replacement companies can't attend to the camera pod. Cheers! Martin
  7. There was, from Auto Express in 2009 - " There’s also a small ‘eco’ button on the dashboard that disables the stop-start system." I had stop start on a hire car last month and it drove me to distraction. Perhaps the manual mentions a way?
  8. Yes, that's the frustrating part Nick - having to wait 6 months to find out if it worked!! My Avensis is actually a perfect fit for my requirements, but I'm dithering over whether I want to wait 6 months to find out if this worked or replace the car with a C-HR. The explanation I received from Toyota GB's Head of Quality was that the issue happened at night on unlit, un-marked roads, BUT did not mention the effect of low-ish temperature, nor the fact that some/many of us have had the problem during the day........ Good luck to us all !
  9. Hi Nick Sorry I don't know for sure. All I can tell you is the software update is not released until this week in the UK, so my dealer did not have it, it was provided by the Toyota manager who met me at the dealer. (I was impressed that he drove down from Toyota HQ near London just to meet me, nearly 200km). Perhaps you could ask the dealer the date of "your" TSB and explain to them that in the UK a new update is only just released? That might prompt them to contact Toyota Netherlands to see if its to be released there too....
  10. I've bought all my own cars since 2000, so I appreciate what you say and I do agree that had I known about the TSS problem I would have kept my last Avensis. This car was funded from my redundancy payoff - it was intended to be a car for life too, Maria. I know I'm fortunate to be able to afford to change but only if Toyota comes up with an offer that's too good to refuse, if not I'll probably have keep it and hope the problem is fixed. In the wider automotive world I've seen many scandals which much more directly impact safety; Vauxhall cars that spontaneously combust (and still not fixed by the manufacturer?); Tanaka airbags that can kill you if triggered - the dangers known and hidden by the manufacturer over an extended period; and (e.g.) VW comitting fraud on a grand scale whilst brushing off UK owners requests for lost value because "that's not our target market"..... so from that perspective Toyota may have been slow; may have kept dealers short of information but are by no means in the same league as the above.
  11. I met with a rep from Toyoyta HQ earlier in the week. A new software update will be available next week and was applied to my car yesterday. I understand this is the production version that is now fitted to new cars of which there have apparently been no reported TSS issues (?). However, it was admitted that with the warmer weather I might not be able to tell if it has been effective. Its interesting that the main thrust of the update seeks to address a problem that is not caused by condensation. In certain circumstances at night if the road has no markings and there is no other traffic, for some parts of its field of vision the system finds it difficult to pick out, well, "anything" it and assumes that it therefore can't see because it is blocked. Even if the area of "non-vision" is not directly on the road ahead, the system will shut down and issue the TSS alerts we all detest! This set of circimstances is certainly consistent with about 75% of the situations where my TSS triggered alerts (lonely country road at night, no centre line, no signage , no other traffic - sounds like the start of an episode of "The Invaders" !!). I've seen the methodology they've used to identify the issue and understand the steps that have been taken within the software to correct it and as a former project manager in IT I would fully support the approach: I can see why they've done it and I can see why it should help overcome the problem they have identified. For me, however, it doesn't answer the question of why the problem only ocurrs when the temperature is low; or during the day or in very bright sunlight as some drivers here have reported. I had the first software update / heat pad but the problem continued throughout the winter in day-time as well as night, including during heavy rain. However, as day and night-time temperatures have risen in the last 4 weeks I haven't seen the problem, so its not only to do with the camera's inability to see "properly" at night....( so I'm also wondering if perhaps there is condensation on the camera lens or the laser lens as well as on the inside of the pod windscreen, if the heat pad clears the windscreen, does it also clear the other two?) So my issue is now "How do I know they fixed it?", which leads me to "do I want to wait until September / October / November to find out" and "if it's not fixed then, I'll have experienced another (say) 6 months depreciation". So this is the problem I'm wrestling with: do I keep the car or do I go for a Toyota with RADAR TSS (C-HR or Prius at my budget level). It's worth pointing out that I had a Prius for 2 weeks in January when the TSS problems (with many of our cars, including my Avensis) were at their height and didn't experience a singe TSS alert in nearly 600 miles driving through the worst that the North of England could offer. Finally, I do believe Toyota is trying with good faith to solve this problem as soon as they can, I've owned nearly 80 cars since I passed my test in 1969, many of them were new (company cars) and believe me I find Toyota and its dealers are far and away the best so whatever happens I do intend to stay with the brand.
  12. Yes. Sit in the car with the engine running and the door closed and get someone to put a piece of card over the camera pod. You might ignore it during the day, but at night I found it a major distraction.
  13. Very true. I mentioned 100% Avensis, but he said that all TSS-equipped vehicles sold by his dealership were affected and as we know that includes Auris, which is sold in greater numbers than Avensis.. However big or small it is, though, I'm not minded to wait until next winter to find out if its really fixed, I know I continued to have problems long after my car was modified ......
  14. On the other hand a toyota employee told me it was 100% of Avensis sold at his dealer. The main problem now is that with the warmer weather I don't expect further problems. But I do next winter....
  15. Lighten up and don't be such a bully......