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  1. Well - I did 126k on my original battery if that makes you feel any better - and it never miss ed once
  2. Just read through this Davy - glad to hear its all sorted ... Im off for a feel.
  3. Ive had one of these on the car since january - great bit of kit and very very well made. Ive had an HKS (standard position), an apexi (relocated) and now an envy system. The envy system - especially with the front frog removed makes for a great package. Loud and perky!!!!
  4. Coming on now bud - hows the guages?
  5. If I were you mate Id phone around a couple of places and tell them your predicament - you never know??? And if not - the Ryan you tight git buy it.
  6. Agreed - quality is top notch and does make a difference - but 8-10bhp??????
  7. Thank god its back ... now all we need is scrap heap challenge then 'lads tv night' is back!
  8. clarky


    Ill second that - it must be well made... I got stuck on a big kerb yesterday and the sound was awful... but its still there and in one peice. and the moral of the story is ... avoid new housing estates!
  9. Liked it the last time - but you know its gonna get trashed on speed humps dont you...
  10. Looking really finished now mate - good choice.
  11. Theres usually a couple of low mileages ones in the breakers - Im pretty sure that where Earpl got his from.
  12. Sounds strange - Ive seen Earpl slacken and adjust Chuck04s alternator in a pub carpark using my spanners and Chuck04s wheelbrace? Ive given up with MrT completely now unless if to order bolts that snap, round off or generally are so soft that need replacing after anywork. Last time went in for some fault diagnosis they said it was all due to my decat ... I have a sports cat and its been MOT'd twice since it went on ...
  13. Ive had my SWB 2.8TD for a year now. I can honestly say its the best thing I ever did. They come as standard with more toys than you'd beleive and a build quality to die for. http://www.milneroffroad.com/ is the Paj heaven... what you'll soon realise is that service and running costs are unbelievably cheap and the amount of ebay parts, mods and toys is staggering. Well done! Oh and we're looking for another one for the missus - a Pajero Evo - a 2.5 tonne jeep that can outrun a skooby...
  14. clarky


    Charlie .. thats almost as nice as an HKS
  15. Nope - cant hear a thing above my exhaust ...
  16. Theres a poor example that regularly makes it to the bubble ... poor wee thing.
  17. clarky


    Envy have the booster ones in stock ...
  18. 115k on mine, 109kof which Ive done - no series issues, recalls etc Dealer service throughout warranty then either Envy or me servicing thereafter using better oil and TRD/PE filters... sounds as good if not better than the day I picked it up
  19. Envy system relocates to the same place - but uses a dry filter like the apexi
  20. What did they do for £350? Had a similar one with Kates MR2 when a couple of drops of water got down into the recess where the plug meets the head.
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