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  1. Its working fine for me. Make sure your logged in at the top
  2. Oddly i get email notifications. I very rarely come on here. Mainly on c.c.u.k The belt tensioner tightens and loosens as the engine both increases in revs and between high and low loads. If it didnt, the belt would flap about. This movements exaggerated by the play if its not dampened correctly causing the judder.
  3. Yeah the juddering on my car was because of the aux tensionser damper developing play in its bushings. Replaced it for another and its been fine nearly 3 years on. Its a comon problem with the vvt engines
  4. It kicks in at 5k but not like the TS's Ive looked a nitrous several times. Even with my set up running what i have, youll probably blow the motor ESPECIALLY on the stock ECU. I know these stock ECUs inside out
  5. I can confirm every comp engages lift at 5k, its a fact. What ecu will you run with nitrous - your looking at 1.5k there to not **** the engine on it. 300bhp on any 4 pot car, will be 3-6k minimum. Joys of modifying.
  6. Lift kicks in at 5k on all compressors mate. The NA TS kick in at 6200. Youll blow the engine up with nitrous. Plus have you looked how expensive refils are - £75 for a 11lb bottle thatll last 8-10 1/4mile run. Nothings cheep once you start modifying cars. Ill probably be close to 300bhp at 3k but its all built not bought. Probably be 8-9k if you paid a garage....
  7. You need an open cone filter to hear the whine :) Lift comes on at 5 on the stock ECU, ive got it set at 4k on my EMS-4. The cars been built by myself, ill probably be 3k into it once its finished.
  8. Nothing. Cars still on its original clutch @93k. The engine/gearbox have not been opened up in that time either. Regular maintenance does these lumps well and all fluids get chanced after 5k on it. Since the water methanol injection kit was installed @85k the engine is much healthier. I do have an issue with the supercharger i bought with the SS pulley (i have two) - it had been installed incorrectly by the previous owner and it damaged the snout and the drive flange which in tern were badly repaired, again, before i got my hands on it. These two parts are currently being addressed but as soon
  9. So many wrongs in this thread. Dont fit an intercooler - they dont work and cause massive running issues. Greedy emanage is probably the most useless ecu ive ever had to use. Its also a piggy back not a stand alone. Basically fitting a smaller pulley will do bugger all for peak performance. The inlet pipeworks too small acting as a restrictor. Plus the injectors are pritty much maxed out with just a induction/exhaust/remap on the stock pulley. And without proper heat maintenance the SC is likely to fail - i inject water methanol directly into the supercharger to stop it over heating. 94mm run
  10. Threads nearly 2 years old so no they sold along time ago im affraid
  11. Sorry mate, not really active on here. No, the damper casing is the joint itself. So once its dead there's not a lot you can do about it. I suppose it would be possible to drill it out to the next size up and fit a sleeve, however its probably more cost effective just to replace the arm itself Also don't buy a patent part item listed for the celica. These are a different length than the corolla item due to the power steering pump. However, it is possible to swop the damper and the tensioner pulley onto the old corolla arm if you have the right sockets. yes, if I gave it more revs when pullin
  12. Yes, it runs the aux belt. Its not the tensioner part thats at fault its the damper on it. Yea you can remove it from the top to inspect it. The drivers side engine mount needs to be unbolted and the engine jacked all the way up to remove the bolts
  13. Basically, i had the same symptoms as you, violent juddering when pulling off or when at low rpms and high load inputs. It was nothing to do with the clutch itself, the AUX tensioner damper had developed loads of play causing the vibrations. My clutch wasnt slipping and wasnt showing any other symptoms of failing. Before splashing out a hell of alot of money on a new clutch, check the AUX tensioner. AFAIA they are the same on the 2/3/4zz corollas. This is possibly your problem and at 50k id imagine your clutch is fine.
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