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  1. Sounds like a good deal nice 1
  2. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/TOYOTA-MR2-CELICA-3S...VQQcmdZViewItem Well worth a grand
  3. I play on www.UKCS.com Sometimes good laugh
  4. Don't like ethier but Carling if i had to drink 1.. Stella or Magners pls
  5. Just sold my SS2, Looking to get a MR2 Turbo for around £3.5k if any1 has 1 up for grabs. Also my sister is after some alloys for her Yaris. Pls pm me i dont get on the internet that often so might take a while for replys Cheers Ian
  6. IanGT


    I paid over £500 for mine uprated 1 lot of people standard 1 done for around 250. just shop around m8 get the clutch for 100 anf find a good garage to fit
  7. ello m8 my cam belt snapped doing 120 a bolt form the cambelt cover came lose a sliced the belt just replace the belt and sprockets good as new. good non interference toyota engine :)
  8. Few Newer pics of my SS2. I'm selling her this weekend Gutted :(
  9. Nice find m8.. Nearly £30k for a GT4 new didnt realise they sold for that.
  10. lol hard enough on a normal engine let alone a rotary! Good luck m8:)
  11. Nice selection of motors m8.. Is that a bentley in the blue? Why buy a celica if you got an Aston? :)
  12. Not had internet for a long while moved :) back for a bit still see some regular faces
  13. Had 135mph fast enough for me
  14. IanGT

    Hi I'm New

    Minta! Welcome lolly! :D
  15. IanGT

    20k Supra

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/93-SUPRA-TWIN-TURBO-...1QQcmdZViewItem What are your views i personally think its welll worth the money tastefully done 650bhp from 2 hks turbos must go like stink!
  16. IanGT

    Toc And Ccuk

    Only a member of TOC.. ill have a look on TOC! :P
  17. I like it alot! Looks different
  18. Got mind through the MOT with decat on. Depends where you take it. Pre 91 cars dosn't affect
  19. Got a Kakimoto on mine pure jap at 5000rpm!
  20. IanGT

    My Baby

    Like it alot! Lady down my road has a black convertable too shes owned it for 10years, They look so different with the roof down lovley car.
  21. Selling mine next month. Black L reg SS2.. done 89k had new clutch cam belt 10k ago £2000
  22. Mines got 88k on it.. Black is so hard to keep clean espically in the winter months. Reakon if you find a good 1 they should go around the 1800-2500 mark dependin on age.. I wouldnt let mind go for less than 2k and thats an L.
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