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  1. Ok Matey I'll sit on my thumbs! Terry B
  2. Thanks for the swift response Frosty, ( how apt that name is at this time of year), I read the posts you highlighted and please accept my apologies for missing them, I obviously didn't put in the correct search term, that's what being computer illiterate is all about! I had already used the Toyota recall checker you linked but I'm afraid in my opinion it's about as much good as a chocolate fireguard, all it says is that my vehicle is subject to a recall and to contact my dealer, this I have already done and it has been booked in for the airbag recall, the recall checker doesn't say why my car
  3. I note that there is already a thread raised regarding the airbag recall, strange how no recall for the door fire problem reported in the Daily Mail and the Telegraph, also interesting is the fact that my Toyota garage hasn't heard about it either, yet if you Google it there are lots of hits! Apparently the fault is caused by swarf generated by wear in the window winder switch which causes a short within the switch and an overheat and then fire, the cure seems odd, the application of heat resistant grease is Toyotas answer. There have apparently been a couple(maybe more) of instances of this i
  4. Hi again all, our corolla 2.0l D4D 56 plate seems to suffer a recurring fault, every year around this time the Air Con. fails and on investigation the cure is to have the pressure re-done. Every year the garage puts dye in to check for leaks but none are ever found. Is this a common problem? the air conn is used during the winter as well because it's the best way to defog so it's not as if it is sitting idle, indeed the defog ability doesn't seem to be affected, merely the ability to cool. Any ideas? Terry B
  5. It looks like some sort of attenuator tray, fuel in the tank will be in the tray to the same level as fuel in the tank, when you brake or accelerate or swerve or turn etc. the level in the tray will remain fairly constant, thus preventing the needle on the fuel gauge oscillating wildly, that is only a supposition on my part. Looking at the video there appear to be two lugs one at each end of the tray, if you look inside the tank with a mirror are there corresponding attachments to locate them?, they look as though they would just clip into place and then the tray wouldn't float all over the pl
  6. That's an interesting comment!!! "Airlines don't tend to replace them often" ????? both cabin and cockpit air filters MUST be changed at the interval stated in the approved maintenance schedule, the airline has no choice, not to do anything IAW the approved documentation risks heavy fines or even loss of AOC. I don't know of any airline which changes any "lifed" component when it feels like it!!!!
  7. Does it only happen in those two gears? could it be play in the linkage? A bit of a long shot, could it be a boot or boot clamp on the a drive shaft? Good luck, sounds like a rolling road test!
  8. Millions of years ago when I used to drive a citroen I was warned against fitting mudflaps to the rear, apparently there is the possibility of directing and caking areas around the rear wheels with wet mud and thereby promoting corrosion, just a thought.
  9. terryb630


    Try this site http://www.epc-data.com/ good luck.
  10. Try this site, you may have to register to get the full details plus pictures http://www.epc-data.com/ Good luck
  11. It wont help me cos mines a D4D but on behalf of other owners of your type thank you for posting, so many people seem post and then when the problem is solved never advise the result.
  12. Great thanks for your help Kingo
  13. This is the cover yes? not the mirror glass. The cover on the drivers side is grey, and I've got some spray paint to re-spray it the correct colour and it would be easier to do it removed if that makes sense?
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