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  1. I had an Ipod kit fixed in my car to work alongside my satnav, but have now been left with a rattling noise behind the satnav screen, its been in twice now to be done but still rattles, any advice anyone?

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    2. Karma Supra

      Karma Supra

      failing that get some sticky back felt and DIY!

    3. yaris babe

      yaris babe

      Well I have just fetched the car back, so far so good, have had all new clocks replaced and extra padding around any wires for soundproofing, only trouble is now that i shall be listening for rattles all the time!! Will give it a couple of weeks and see how we go.

    4. yaris babe

      yaris babe

      well gave it a week and ratttle is back, taking the car in for the 6th time!! Lets see how this one goes.

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