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  1. Thank you very much Lorna, will have a look into this, much appreciated.
  2. thanks for replying Lorna, actually it is a Samsung phone galaxy ace, if you could post the fix I would be grateful and thanks again
  3. I have a 61 yaris Tspirit and over the last few days it keeps cutting me off in conversation. My phone is on Bluetooth and then on the right hand side if the sat nav screen comes up Phone disconnected and when I try to redial it then states phone not connected and yet the Bluetooth is still on my phone! I don't know whether its the phone or the sat nav playing up! Any ideas or similar happenings anyone ? Thanks. yaris babe
  4. Thanks Raburn, They are keeping the car overnight have ordered some parts after taking the dashboard off, and hopefully will rectify things, but I am not holding my breath! will keep you posted Y.
  5. I have had an ipod kit fixed in my yaris recently, and although its great to work alongside my satnav, I have been left with an annoying rattle noise that seems to be behind the screen, the car has been in toyota workshop twice now but no success, has anyone got any advice, or had a similar problem.
  6. I had an Ipod kit fixed in my car to work alongside my satnav, but have now been left with a rattling noise behind the satnav screen, its been in twice now to be done but still rattles, any advice anyone?

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    2. Karma Supra

      Karma Supra

      failing that get some sticky back felt and DIY!

    3. yaris babe

      yaris babe

      Well I have just fetched the car back, so far so good, have had all new clocks replaced and extra padding around any wires for soundproofing, only trouble is now that i shall be listening for rattles all the time!! Will give it a couple of weeks and see how we go.

    4. yaris babe

      yaris babe

      well gave it a week and ratttle is back, taking the car in for the 6th time!! Lets see how this one goes.

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