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  1. Nice car and set off wheels. I like the rims. I like the fog lamps to. Do you know where online i can order them. Been searching for them for a while now. Still haven't found them.
  2. Nice looking car but if I have ever seen a car that is screaming out for some lowering springs and bigger wheels then that is the one Would look awesome with some 17's sitting lower I know that it would look nice with 17" and some lowering springs. But the streets of us here are so bad i wouldn't last a week. We still have sands streets with big holes. And mine is one of them. I know some guys who has lowered their cars and after a while got rid of the lowering springs again. Because it was to expensive for them to go to the garage or could not even go into their garage at home. Al after mar
  3. Hi Guys, I'm also new here. Hope i can get some help. Searching for the fog lights for my E12 (RunX)
  4. HI Madvinegar, nice looking car. I myself have one. but mine is metallic grey with standard body kit. I was looking for the bumper fog lights. can u tell me where i can find them or buy them. thanx.
  5. Hello every one, I'm new here. I have a E12 that i recently bought at our local car dealer. But here we know the E12 as the Corolla RunX/Allex 2003. I have searched the web for the fog lamps for this model but could not find it any where. Can someone help me with this. I attached a photo off my car with standard body kit.
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