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  1. I'm sure the oil burner brigade will be on soon, but for me, and certainly with the mileage you do, the petrol makes more sense. Cheaper to buy, cheaper to run, bullet proof engine, and nice to drive. Both ours are autos, and return over 30 mpg, so no real complaints there. You will enjoy the car, whichever way you go, and as to higher mileage, you will get a better buy, and with your lower mileage, you will soon catch up on the average.
  2. Ah, ditto me too, both the older 2003 and the XT5 2007, both autos are great. Offset petrol MPG against diesel fuel price and for your mileage, the petrol, whichever model you choose makes sense.
  3. We just bought a 2 year old motorhome that was due its 1st service, and that was at 19500 miles. I can't help thinking' being of the older school, that these extended service periods are not that good. However, if the oils are that good now, maybe it is okay. The MH is Merc based, and this service, done in Spain at Mercedes trucks, was €460, with the cost of the oils over €230, its like liquid gold.
  4. This problem with sensors is an old chestnut. I replaced all 4 on my 4.2, and now have the occasional light but telling me the CAT's need replacing! As others have said, there is no problem driving with the light on, or using the code reader to put the light out. If you notice a fall in consumption or rough running, then that is the time to act. As you have found, it is not cheap to replace the sensors, BUT, they are DIY, and a decent socket set, or one of the special spanners off flea bay will do the trick! Best of luck, Ainsley
  5. Another vote for GEM from me, and have been with them for years!
  6. Nearly asked if ye kept the receipt......... Congratulations, fine timing, and all doing well!! Ainsley
  7. Go look, offer what your budget allows and walk away!Dave That's the way to do it!!!!
  8. Och the nooooooo Kev! Well they are for the Spanish car, and do you have both sets, front and rear? We are back in UK on the 12th December for a month, so posted to home is OK. Cuanto you want for 'em then! Ah just read you have fronts. No prob, there are a genuine set of rears on flea bay finishing tomorrow when I'm at golf, DOH, but they look cheap!
  9. Just a thought before I buy the above for my 4.2, 2003 auto. I need front and rear, so if anyone wants to offload a set they have cluttering up their garage, please send me a P.M. Muchas thank yous from not so sunny Spain, (at the moment)
  10. You did get 4.3 flaps, and not 4.2?
  11. Mine fitted straight on, just offer them up, and you should see the screws that you will need to remove to fit the new mudeeez! Welcome to RAV life.
  12. Has anyone looked at the Mazda CX5. I saw one recently at a dealer in Spain, and was impressed. The top of the range is really well specced, and the finish looks good. No chance to drive it, and as ever, it ain't the cheapest roller skate on the block!!
  13. Funny, I thought, that the majority of the replies to this great thread, seem to be of a certain vintage. We certainly enjoyed our cars more in those days!!!
  14. Halfords, bless their little cotton socks, gave me a good deal and a 3 year guarantee for £79.00, same car as yours.
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