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  1. Can't find vehicle in set up. Can you help again?
  2. Thanks, agree entirely, definitely should have an off setting, just s nuisance. Went 20miles yesterday morning with headlights on and bright light, switched to side lights,! Wondered if it was some sort of time setting!
  3. Can anyone tell me how to do this as they are coming on when not required. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the replies, we seem to be in the ballpark.
  5. What consumption are other RAV Hybrid users getting. In mixed driving we are getting about40 mpg.?
  6. Apparently other makes can get the messages as their radio picks them up on FM and cuts off DAB.
  7. When on FM I can get Traffic Messages, but not on DAB even though traffic announcements are switched on, what am I missing?
  8. Apologies I replied to the wrong post. It was the post about how a Rav drives. Sound system standard, but miss CD player.
  9. After 2 diesel Ravs, the Hybrid is very quiet and generally a pleasure to drive except when accelerating hard and the CVT transmission plays catch up. Fuel consumption is only about 8mpg better than the diesel and it is much heavier in the corners. Overall a better than the Diesel.
  10. Jagst

    RAV Hybrid

    Can anyone tell me if the 2.5 petrol has a turbo? I know it is tuned for economy and has a slightly different 4 stroke cycle.
  11. Jagst

    RAV Hybrid

    Hi, thanks for the replies. We changed my wife's car in September for the Rav Hybrid. We have had 3 Ravs as the everyday cars , as my car only comes out for safe car parks!!! I must say the Hybrid is really nice to drive and quite quick when required. Don't mind the CVT gearbox, pity to lose some space in the boot, and you can feel the extra weight in the corners. Overall pleased with the change from the 2.2 diesel to the hybrid. Just hope reliability is as good as previous Ravs, but judging by the large population of Prius's in London it is not a problem.
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