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  1. Yes, moving house is stressful!!!
  2. Yes, moving house, key in case!! Thanks, funny it will lock from inside.
  3. My RAV4 won't lock using remote, it. bleeps but won't lock. I have to lock all doors manually. Any ideas?
  4. Jagst

    Auto Headlights

    No, no charge, took 20 minutes a patch. If everything is ok I wouldn't do anything till next service date. I didn't know about updates till Sat Nav went down.
  5. Jagst

    Auto Headlights

    If you search on this forum you will find comments on automatic headlights being too sensitive and coming on when not required. Even if sensitivity reduced in settings. The Sat Nav just stopped working .
  6. Just had two patch updates done because of a Satnav problem. It would appear to have also solved the auto Headlight sensitivity problem. I asked why these updates had not been done at the 2 year service the week before, but no satisfactory answer given. It would be beneficial for owners to ask for any software updates when putting cars in for service.
  7. After sat Nov failed Garage has installed two update patches. Should there be a cover over the computer plug access, as I have not noticed the white plug before?
  8. Thanks, it has gone back to normal a day later will ask dealer.
  9. There is a bluetooth sign in the top right hand corner of the sat Nov screen I have not seen before.
  10. Switched off, but still the same when switched on again!
  11. Driving through to Glasgow today when Sat Nov stopped working halfway through the journey. Can I reset or back to dealer?
  12. Does anyone have or knows where to get a schematic of the 2019/20 Rav 4 headlights under the bonnet?
  13. Well I have adjusted the dimmed headlights. Can someone tell me whether this also lifts the main beam or are they independent. Also can the headlights be adjusted right and left. Thanks.
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