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  1. i would change the orange lights sort the number plate out mount it how stu had it his it looked good also if you can sort a respray would look good as your car looks a bit pink in the picture im not sure about the gold wheels but it would probably look nice when done i wouldn't personally buy rev 6 lights spend the money on some thing better but if you sort these few little bits im sure the car will look alot better than it already does
  2. Turbo Xs its alot better than my Blitz one i had and alot cheaper to and it don't make the car stall and its really loud
  3. Markturbo


    im finally getting my car fixed after it sitting there for over 6 months and im going to get the top of the engine painted as they have got change cam gasket just wondering what paint is the best to use and can you get a good shiny affect or will it just be a matt effect as thats what they told me in a paint shop today also what colours do you guys think i should have its a black gts turbo car but my ht leads are blue i was going to have black and leave the toyota letters silver but im not sure really main thing is whats the best paint to get which will last and give a nice effect
  4. just wondering if anyone knows if there is any insurance companys who will insure both my cars under one policy as i have a baby and need my run around escort diesel but want my tubby back on the road if not its looks as though i might as well sell the mr2 just wondering what its worth blck k reg gts tin top turbo running a bar of boost the car has new HKS hiper exhaust and a downpipe apexi induction kit hks boost gauge mbc and fcd 300 kph trd clocks miliage is just over 100,000 kph and the car is still restricted with the limiter it will have a brand new M.O.T probably no tax as i would need insurance to get this body work is in excellent condition completly standard body work the car may come with turbo xs B.O.v if i get a good price for the car also it had a rebuilt turbo at 90,000 kph and the cambelt has been done I WILL STATE THAT THE CAR ISN'T FOR SALE JUST TRYING TO WORK OUT MY OPTIONS SO ANY IDEAS OR HELP WOULD BE GOOD AS I REALLY DON'T WANT TO SELL MY CAR
  5. well i spoke to a friend of the family who rebuilds engines and tune cars up and he is going to have a look and do the job for me but i will have to wait a month or just over but i only bought the car to sell it on so selling it near the summer should fetch me a few more £££
  6. well they said it could just be a valve or something but it could be more when the head is off and they finally have a look so not to sure really
  7. Markturbo


    hi i finally found out today that my rev3 turbo engine hasn't got any compression on cylinders 3 & 4 the company have said it will be £500 - £600 to take the head off and have a look to see why there is no compression just wondering what every one thinks i should do as im not a mechanic and need the car fixed to sell it on does that sound about the right price
  8. the cable runs into the top of the gearbox just follow it along if you can
  9. hi i have a rev3 turbo which for some reason is only firing on two cylinders and i had a mechanic look at it he said to change the leads it might sort it if not he will have a proper look just wondering where is the cheapest place to get the leads i would prefer standard ones or if anyone is selling a good second hand set let me know do you guys think that it could be leads or something else <_<
  10. they look nice jesus but im after a graphite coloured wheel with a polished lip plus im skint at the mo :(
  11. ok the link didn't work they are kei racing velocity hb
  12. i wanna get some alloys for my tubby as soon as i can afford it i think these will suit my car black rev2 tubby no exterior mods http://www.performancealloys.com/details.a...s='Velocity HB'&id_wheels_manufacturers='KEI Racing'&id_wheels_sizes='17x7'&price='149'&permission=803298470 also how much would the car have to be lowered to look and handle nice on 17"s
  13. don't panic my rev2 turbo just the same as long as your not loosing coolant i wouldn't worry
  14. i have a rev2 turbo with a few little mods my brother has an import sir vtec crx with a few mods at santa pod on the one of the hottest days of the year mr2 with my calipers sticking on which i didn't know about 14.234 at 96.76 mph crx sir vtec 15.518 at 89.80mph hope this help when my car is sorted hope to be high 13 and my brother is having a full throttle body kit fitted so it will be good to see what he runs
  15. Markturbo


    just wanted to know can a rev3 turbo engine go straight into a rev2 turbo car for a rev3 turbo engine whats a rough price for one of these and is fitting expensive
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