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  1. been on the site and found this: Roof RacksKitting your car out this holiday season just got easier. All our roof racks are easy to install, fully lockable and compatible with a wider range of attachments so you can customise your vehicle to suit your activities. All roof racks now* £149 (* On all current models excluding AYGO, GT86, RAV4, Land Cruiser V8, PROACE and Dyna) think I'll contact them
  2. thanks for the replies. anyone have some web links of the bars?
  3. Hi, can someone recommend a pair of roof bars please? late 2012 model . cheers
  4. changed on the weekend. took the whole unit off as it was easier that way. straight forward really. the diaphram was fine so could fill the filter with diesel so no cut out. ok for a few years now!!
  5. you can clean the MAF with isopropyl alcohol. be careful not to damage it. give it a good spray as it will be dirty I'm sure.
  6. thanks will watch out for that!!
  7. thanks will change it on next service then. cheers
  8. Recently bought a 2012(62) 2.2 D4D Was wondering when the fuel filter should be changed , on 31000 miles. Cheers
  9. thanks , I've sent a message to parts king.
  10. thanks for the reply is the Lindop chip easy to install, where can I find more info on this please? yes think I'll use the shell nitro. found how to zero the OBC - push and hold the 'DISP' switch for about 1 sec according to the manual.
  11. After owning a 2002 petrol model for 4 years, which was very reliable we decided another one was due. So popped down to Newport Toyota and a very nice 62 plate was there. Collected her last Thursday , very happy indeed. Its fully loaded , electric seats, side skirts, cruise etc ,only missing the sat nav which I'm not bothered about . Gave her a good clean and wax , she needs a claying and DA polish which will be done hopefully over the Xmas holidays. Can anyone advise on any known faults with these models? Also How can I reset the average mpg on the dash? Should I use Shell Nitro diesel for a couple of tanks to ensure a good clean out ? Cheers James
  12. Happy Birthday james-rav4!

  13. ah yes sorry . bolt from Toyota only I suppose? looks straightforward really.
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