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  1. If you want POWER while in Normal or Eco, just use the paddle shifts on steering wheel…left paddle will drop the car to "4th gear" facsimile, for instant overtaking….it will then revert to Drive or "5th" (ha-ha)
  2. Having just returned from a 3500 road trip to s. Spain in our 2.0 design TS, I can say that the ride of the Design even on 17"rims, is not as forgiving as my Gen 4 Prius also on 17". spanish Road humps and very nasty "gullies", become very crashy, which they never did on the Prius. the 2.0 mind you, does not scream gearbox wise, when crossing the Pyrenees in a spirited fashion, and the car will show green and red power arrows on certain throttle settings, meaning both Ice and 'E, operating. a quick flick Off the accelerator pedal, and the Pulse & Glide will operate, with rev counter dropping to 0….the car will go much further in e-mode than the 1.8 Prius ever did. I too miss the HUD, but bought an Amazon plug in hud, mainly for speed in kms, and this works well cant drive to Spain without a space saver, so that is in my boot, plus a much needed sun roof and tow bar for bikes. car managed nearly 59 mpg over 3500 miles…so not too bad l
  3. Sorry…..tel 0208 340 5350 and in Nth London
  4. Thule roof bars comprising Wing Bar Evo 127….Fitting Kit 145001….Kit 7105.. these units will fit many other cars, but NOT my new Corolla Estate! any offers?
  5. Old post but similar problem….wife's 21 Aygo semi auto in Tesco car park when she was in R and turned car Off…later car would not shift to N, even with brake firmly applied and ignition On…..so would not start. I went down ther and used a little more oomph to shift the car into N from R…..but that doesn’t sound, or feel right any ideas anyone?
  6. Hi Joe.

    I remember that you bought an aftermarket HUD that worked for hybrids….?

    I have bought this one for a new Corolla TS, but can’t remember how to find the hybrid setting?

    do you know please???

    barry c.

    GOFORJUMP Head Up Display A500 Car Speed Projector 3.5Inch 

  7. To stop Kerbing, always drop near side mirror to see kerb, then reverse into space keeping an eye on available space for rear wheel
  8. Wow....thanks for that Heads-Up Tony Academic now Tony cheers. Barry
  9. Academic now Tony, as the Design it had to be, as driving to Spain with a can of goo in the boot doesn’t inspire much confidence. I once before tried the goo solution to a front wheel flat, and it all came to a very sticky end....but must save Mr T a few Bob. (maybe the new 2.0 motor needs a more robust stud arrangement?)
  10. thanks Tony Well that makes my choice of Design with a space saver, rather than Excel with my after market wheel....makes sense 5x100 suggests that 100 is the length of the stud, but width is the same?
  11. I have a new Bridgestone space saver 135/80d/16 from my Prius, and wondering if anybody would know if it will fit into the boot space of a Corolla Excel, and Will the stud spacing work as a spare ??? the Prius was a 17" wheel but the floor needed to be supported with bits of 2”x2” to give a flat boot ... Will the Corolla be a better fit I wonder???????
  12. Oh dear, I have a 2.0 on order for May, and my neighbor was very keen on buying our 2017 Prius.....until they heard about the Cat Scam! has anybody seen a 2.0 on a hoist, and can comment on the location of the Cat, and whether it is different to the 1.8??? my Toy dealer is now putting up notices in the showroom, offering a fitment of a cat-lock just asked Toyota to fit a Cat lock to new 2.0 Corolla, but none available until July.... ......I wonder why?
  13. I have a Bridgestone Space saver from my sold gen 4 Prius, and wondering if it will fit the Corolla....except Thant the Design comes with a spare if so ordered. anybody need a spare which is unused
  14. Not possible during the CV 19 shindig Andy....showrooms sealed up didnt really want leather after the 2 Prius excels, and as long as there is pump up lumbar support then the lateral support is academic.
  15. Thanks for that Ros....makes me feel a bit better. driving to Spain needs a spare wheel rather than an electric boot opening or 18" rims. having had both Gen 3 nd Gen 4 Prius, it will interesting tackling the Pyrenees with the 2.0, rather than (always in the Red power zone) the 1.8 in the grand scheme of motoring expenses, the extra cost of the 2.0 will be marginal, and the slightly larger EV battery creates a challenge to equal the overall 67 mpg over 14k miles of the Gen 4 Prius.....or just enjoy the Grunt.
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