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  1. Tow hitch and bike rack work well on Gen 4, with 2900 miles to Spain and back at a recorded 64.9 mpg. but reversing is nightmare, with two bikes on the rack, as even with left foot lightly on the brake the car still jams the brakes on Real Hard do I need a Calista, or are there alternatives???
  2. Having had both Ziga, I would choose the ‘17, as it is a much nicer car and more economical car to drive than the Gen3....and no worries about repair costs. dont worry about size as you just get used to other car is an very small Aygo, but it doesn’t feel any different
  3. barrycoll

    Tow Bar

    The Institute of Advanced Motorist (IAM) insurance is very relaxed about tow hitches....Thule are more concerned, and don’t manufacture if not kosher, as it were
  4. barrycoll

    Tow Bar

    Not quite true Keith, as my new Gen 3 came with 17” wheels AND solar opening roof......I was expecting 15”s I also fitted a Thule aftermarket tow hitch for our Thule bike rack, and drove down to Spain several times........uneventfully
  5. Seemingly no great pros or cons, but just personal choice..... For me, the Corolla has spare wheel, opening roof, and tow bar bike rack option, and a tempting 2.0 (except that boot space is lost to battery I believe) mean spirited of Mr T not to have seat height adjustment on the passenger seat, for short WAGs.....the Germans have that. 16” wheel seem very sensible, as 15s are too button-ish, and 17s too big. the aftermarket is awash with HUD options, connected to OBD, but probably disappearing from screen in EV mode...and that maybe quite he;lpful? My Gen 4 was bought one day before the VED changes so is £0, and losing that would be painful, but more for psychological reasons than financial . on the other hand just how the Corolla drives is the bottom line, and Tests have been mixed bag Feedback from recent owners will fill this gap eventually
  6. Any body thinking of jumping ship to what seems a direct competition. ........or am I missing something?????
  7. Is this with 16s or 17” rims Tax do you get a spare wheel with17s???
  8. Very strange, as the Gen3 came with NO spare wheel if you ticked the sun roof box.....and the Gen4 has a spare but only with 15” wheels (so I bought my own space saver) with17” rims but the Corollla insists on spare if you tick the sun roof.........very strange but are 16” wheels an option with the 2.0 hybrid,as they are aesthetically acceptable where 15” are just too small for the size of the bodywork
  9. Thanks Frosty... My 2013 Gen 3 had a sun roof+a rather useless PV panel.....but no bike tow hitch available My Gen 4 has a tow hitch, but no opening roof, so maybe a Touring Sport will give me both even a space saver but no HUD?????
  10. Is this sun roof option part of a pack, as it is not listed when specc-ing a car on Mr Ts website How much extra is it, and I suppose only with the 2.0??
  11. What about leaving it in Drive, (which I assume Is Easy or Manual), with footbrake depressed or handbrake applied.. Is this Blessed by Mr T., or damned with £700 replacement clutch hellfire????? some say Yes....some say No ??????????????????????????
  12. Correct, dear Eygo, foot on the clutch pedal in manual car is poor practise...... but in our xshift cars, if one doesn't put the car into Neutral, which position do you suggest? there seems to be no definitive answer to whether depressing the foot brake or applying the handbrake, DOES or DOES NOT unhitch the clutch..... .......nor whether this applies while the car is in Easy or Manual we seem to be stuck with anecdote rather than Data here
  13. This seems strange.....I have just bought a 2016 Exclusiv with X shift, and if the clutch is 'disengaged' then surely it is not under load from the ICE or road wheels therefore not suffering wear............... or am I wrong... As delivery driver for a super car company, my instructions were always to pull BOTH paddleshifts at the same time to engage Neutral...but Aygo doesnt seem to have this facility
  14. When will the podcast be available Tom?? interesting to read your assessment of the Gen 4.......although I pretty much know what you are going to say even now!
  15. I ordered my 2017 Gen4 with a Toyota removable hitch rack, to take my 2 bike Thule carrier. It works well, but the unit is mounted too far under the car to make it feasible to remove the hitch itself but this is not your problem Roman, as it is not listed for Plug Ins. on my previous Gen 3 I aftermarket fitted a rack from Thule, who may still have it available...although batteries may be a problem. the roof rack is a pain in the backside, and getting bikes up there is always risky, and I have used them but never again. the best rear mounted hatch back rack is the Saris Bones, which is very rigid, and very easy on the bodywork. all the best with this one, as without a tow bar option, I wouldn’t have bought the car!