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  1. Hi Mick, on average you should get about upper 40----lower50 before you do anything else, make sure the egr valve is clean, there's plenty of info on here how to do it, check your airfilter dont use supermarket fuel, I use shell or bp. cheers.
  2. Hi Mick, I think maybe you are changing up the gearbox too soon....6th gear/1500rpm is to slow for 6th, I have had 2x2.0d4d's. and try to keep the revs between 2500-2850rpm, I would never go into 6th below 75mph. cheers.
  3. It's a paper filter, unfortunately on the valvematic, this filter is now situated horizontally as opposed to the earlier vvti engines, you will need a filter spanner to remove it, apart from that the engine is a cracker.
  4. Hi Alan, The more i research about these Auris's, the more i'm inclined to stick with my faultless 2.0D4D Avensis, It's just that I dont do much mileage these days, and I thought (being a toyota man) that a 1.6 Auris with low mileage would be ok, and sell the avensis to the taxi lads,..decisions decisions. How would you compare the 1.8 valvematic Avensis to a 1.6 Auris ,both manual/6 ? When I'm in the Avensis doing motorway speeds..70/80, its just cruising along, so relaxed. more research needed I guess. Thanks.
  5. Good morning all, I have found a nice one, which is quite near to me in the north west, it is a 59 reg, pre facelift, 1.6 valvematic,t-spirit, 29k miles. £5750.1 owner. I have had a general look round it and it looks a tidy car, but I haven't gone any further as yet. The ved is £180, and comp insurance is ok too. Could I just ask a few more questions please, A civic with 16" wheels doing 70 on the motorway in 6th. is doing just shy of 3000rpm, and is not noisy or thrashy, I would expect a similar Auris (as above) to be similar? Are there any issues with..stop/start
  6. Good evening all, I've been a very happy Avensis D4D man for years now, and now I want to downsize slightly, and trying to learn as much as poss about the 1.6 Auris. Firstly, is the valvematic a superior engine to the vvti? I'm looking for something about 58/59 reg. If I find one that has a 6 speed g/box, does it mean it will have the valvematic engine? Is there any way of telling if a car has a valvematic engine without lifting the bonnet, such as in the vin code at the windscreen? And just generally, is there anything I should give special attention to in my sear
  7. The early T27 with 135 g/km co2 do not have a DPF.
  8. Thanks Mcorban, The one I'm looking at is a 10 reg, 139g/km co2, and I dont think it does have a dpf, but like you say I'll check with toyota. Cheers.
  9. Hello everybody, I'm still considering a t27 2.0d4d, did the early ones...approx 10 plate,which are 135K/GM CO2 come without a DPF?, I know the later facelift ones (119K/GM) definately do. There;s one for sale locally, I'm quite tempted, 23kmiles,FSH etc. Also, the dodgy EPB, do a lot of the problems come from drivers not releasing the brake themselves, and letting the car release it as you move off? cheers.
  10. The best diesel fuel enhancer is 2-stroke oil, at a dosage of 200/1,...spec wise jasco/fc semi syn low ash if you have a dpf.
  11. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, (as I'm sure you will) but it seems the bottom line with the 2ad engines is the EGR valve,..everything comes back to this rascal, although there are others factors that dont help...fuel/oil quality. Not every owner of a 2AD/150 which is non dpf are mechanically minded, fair enough, and just flirt supermarket diesel in, end of. If owners were to have the EGR valve thoroughly cleaned every 10k miles approx, (there is a good how to on here), and also use quality diesel, with fully syn engine oil changed regularly, it would help massively. I have 07 1AD, admittede
  12. Hi mighty Atom, I never did hear back from Toyota, but like the other guys have said, the 2.0d4d facelift does definately not have a DPF,...the only variant in the t25 series 56reg onwards to have a dpf is the T180/2.2. Cheers.
  13. I believe the 5 yr warranty was introduced in June 2010. Depending on where you're buying from you could either ask them, or maybe a friendly call to a Toyota dealer would confirm. I believe all the ones with the long warranty came with a "5 year warranty" sticker on the back window, but obviously any previous owner could've taken it off. Also bear in mind that Toyota might demand a full Toyota history for any extended warranty claim, so double check the history and that all servicing was done on time just to be sure. On the flip side of the coin having the long warranty maybe means you'll als
  14. Hello again all, Can I ask about the 5 year warranty from..."LATE" 2010, could someone be more specific please, the reason I ask is I have come across a 2010 1.8valvematic that is quite tempting me, BUT, it was registered in March 2010. cheers.
  15. Hi Airfan, I thought the 1.8vvti was the older engine on the t25? and it was the 1.8 valvematic across all variants on the T27?
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