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  1. chezwot

    Airbag Failure

    Just read an article about BMW recalling the 3 series because of an airbag fault and this footnote was included - "This follows a move last month by Japanese brands Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mazda to recall 3.4 million airbags made by Takata, the world’s second-largest manufacturer of airbags and seatbelts." Anyone know which Toyota model was affected?
  2. Just back from repeating the journey and this time both ways over the bridge, which is over a motorway, nothing happened. The first time I would not have taken any notice except my wife asked why I had switched on the wipers and she was the one who noticed that they had operated again in the very same place - very odd! We don't have frosty frozen mornings here but I'll take your advice and leave the auto off until it rains.
  3. I had cleaned the car prior to using it and there were no insects, bugs etc on the windscreen. What I found strange was that the event occured in the exact same place each time. I am going on that route again later today and it will be interesting to see if it happens again. There are no factories or other forms of commercial buildings in the area as the bridge is in the countryside therefore ruling out the possibility of interference from some form of transmitter/radiation etc.
  4. Yesterday I drove along a route I haven't used before and on passing over a bridge my wipers started working although it was a clear bright, dry sunny day. On returning along the same route, at the same spot the wipers came on again, any ideas?
  5. Thanks for you reply Bob809, believe me, it is the last thing I wanted to do but my dear wife would not want to stay here alone should I suddenly 'pop my clogs'. One thing for sure, I will certainly be buying another iQ which are a lot less expensive in the UK than here.
  6. Due to recent ill health, I am permanently returning to the UK and am offering my 2010 iQ2 Multidrive free to anyone who buys or swaps my property here in Portugal. If any members, or anyone you know might be interested I will send a link to the property which is located close to the university city of Coimbra.
  7. The standard interior light is not a problem for me, I never use the car in the dark!
  8. chezwot

    Iq Horn

    Thanks Gents, I had intended to leave the existing horn where it is and run power to a new horn/horns from it, however, I cannot get to the existing horn and my question was, is there an alternative where I can intercept the existing horn power source that does not require removal of the whole of the front of the car?
  9. chezwot

    Iq Horn

    I would like to replace the horn on my iQ as the one fitted is feeble but it does not seem accessible without removing bodywork. Is there some way I can disconnect it remotely and connect the power to another horn located elsewhere, or will I have to take it in to my dealer? Any advice would be most appreciated.
  10. Check out 'Father Ted', classic!
  11. I forgot to mention in my previous post, I recently took the car in to my Toyota dealer for its 30,000km service. They changed the engine oil and filter, brake fluid, engine and A/C filters, filled the windscreen washer bottle and charged me the princely sum of 220€ incuding VAT. Unlike in the UK, I was allowed in the service area and watched the whole proceedure. Removing the A/C filter is not quite as easy in a left-hand drive car as it is in a right-hand drive car because the pedals make it a bit more difficult, however, the end result, one very satisfied owner.
  12. I average 60+, but the temperature here hasn't dropped below 15c this winter. One thing that has recently started to happen is that after I have filled the tank, on starting the engine the fuel guage will sometimes indicate that the tank is only two thirds full even though I have only driven a few kilometres and will then indicate full again?
  13. Since I have owned the car I have averaged 62mpg, journeys include motorway, city and mountainous routes. A friend with a Toyota Prius claims he is averaging 64mpg but he lives 800mtrs above sea level up a mountain and can freewheel for miles on the way down.
  14. I'm sorry, this means nothing to me but do I presume the Yaris Spacesaver will fit the iQ?
  15. Will the space saver wheel off a Yaris fit on the iQ?
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