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  1. thanks , based on the running gear of the clio so been well tested
  2. trading in our yaris in the next few weeks, up to this year costs were low but the yaris is now 6 years old and required a fair bit of work , not complaining though as in the other two years of ownership had been fine we have ordered a new renault captur similar to the one in the pic 1.5dci but the alloy wheels won't have the black detail and will be a 14 plate model thanks all in the forum, enjoyed my time here
  3. looking like a frosty week ahead in scotland

  4. gordonD4D

    My Yaris

    had the yaris d4d for over a year now , 1 failed brake light bulb has been the only issue ,the little car runs like a dream, we recently had relations up for the weekend from Southampton and took them a drive to new lanark, they were impressed by the ride quality , comfort and most of all the space and rear legroom in total pluses all round for our first year of ownership
  5. just done my 2nd partial fuel up and logged all the figures into fuelly > very chuffed with the result ! 58.8 mpg is brilliant lol considering the mrs used it to work for a few days and doesnt usually hang around on the m8 motorway Massive difference from the vx 2.2 vectra !!!!! the moneys better in my pocket than the governments
  6. Hi Harry welcome to the TOC ps from soakin scotland
  7. Hi Gordon, Thanks for your welcome mate, I know Blackridge as I work in Livingston. Nice wee motor you have there and the colours braw too. Catch ye later bro. Rab. lol small world , i,m up in livi aswell > B&Q
  8. My link i got one of the above from ebay , the multi charger can handle all different types of batteries even the square 9 volt ones , we got the D batteries to go with it to blow up a double inflatable bed which they done through a small air pump with ease the gp batteries come available also in a wide range of ah ratings ( the higher , the better ) hope this helps
  9. still using xp so cant use ie9 ,been using google chrome for a few days and just changed over to sky after 10 years with aol so everythings up in the air at the moment
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