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  1. Check to see if the clutch has been uprated. The early aygo clutches were notorious for being weak and failing.
  2. Or Chris Evans as a car journalist
  3. Very bad review in the daily mail today. He had one for 3 days and hated it.
  4. Thanks for editing. Just looking to return to the fold and either getting another IQ or aygo as I do 80 miles a day at a constant 55 mph. Looking for simple , low cost motoring .
  5. Got to say I am a little surprised that there are no big discounts being given on the outgoing model. Best I have seen is a new move with style offered at £9250 which I think is still overpriced considering the new model and rivals are far superior. Sorry title is wrong I mean discounts on mk1 aygo!
  6. Will soon be time to get a top of the range move with style for a bargain price me thinks.
  7. Funny - I looked at trading my IQ for a new Yaris and the dealer offered me silly money for my car. Ended up getting a new Suzuki Swift with all the gadgets for 3k less.
  8. I think that the cvt from the IQ might be going in the new model
  9. DazIQ


    This is what I am left with - I am sooooooo angry. Every time I look at see red mist . Cost to fix £175 + vat.
  10. DazIQ


    No note - no camera - need to clean it up tomorrow an see what I am left with. Its is almost identical to your damage though. Will take a picture.
  11. DazIQ


    I do not believe it - came back to my car tonight only to find exactly the same thing has happened to mine. Really pi**ed off!
  12. Thought I would share my trade in offer- my IQ2 was built in December 2010 so 18 months old. It has the new interior with Black Leather , parking sensor and I think one of the packs as it has scuff plates and chrome side protectors. When the car was bought new (not by me) it was £14k. I bought it for £10.5k when it was 8 months old - it has now just covered 11,000 miles and is mint. Looked to part ex against an Urban Cruiser and the dealer offered me £7k part ex! Needless to say will be keeping the car.
  13. With the back seats up - no chance. With one back seat down just about, with both backs down no problem.
  14. DazIQ

    Fuel Guage

    Agreed - fuel gauge is poor. Mine actually started going back up yesterday - on 2 bars then when I looked again it was 3 bars.
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