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  1. have you got an induction kit?? maybe thats whats causing the noise, Ryan
  2. Ive got Mtec drilled and grooved discs and Mintex pads (front), cant complain at £80. Ryan
  3. Ordered mine from a motorspares £8 I think, well worth it, mine hadnt ever been changed had my own wildlife park in a glovebox, My windowscreen was forever misting up but know it's all ok Ryan
  4. Yes, because you will put your foot down everywhere to hear the extra noise ;) Ryan
  5. this happened to my Dads T sport (51 reg) turned out he needed a new ECU, the lights seemed to dim whilst driving like you've described, but I seem to remember him saying they did it badly. Ryan
  6. hey, my Dad is looking at getting an MR2, (w reg) with 97,000 miles, how hard are they to maintain, are oil changes difficult? i have a friend with a mk2 MR2 he mentioned it was hard to change the oil. are spare parts hard to get hold of and are there any things that we should look out for when looking at MR2s, with this mileage is there anything particular we should be aware of? Ryan
  7. I dont no really, at the min my car computer is saying 33 mpg, I drive 25 mile to work and same again back, maybe hit lift once or twice, first few miles are at no more then 50 mph, then a bit of 60, then 30 and 40 through boston then back up to 60 till work, Ryan
  8. I bet it does, I want a cat back next year, or at least a twin exit back box compressor style. Ryan
  9. apexi induction kit makes it even better :D:D Ryan
  10. I love my TS, its such an exciting car to drive! so involved. i couldnt be doing with a 1k lazy lump of power with abit of soot and having to change gear again even if that small lump of power is in near enough what ever gear your in. id much rather have a high revving engine that sounds beautiful and puts a real smile on your face! 2zz is definitely a drivers car. YES YES YES!!! the crossover at 6,200 never gets boring, love coming on 'cam' as Im just overtaking a car, hehe Ryan
  11. Il back up T sport owners, Ive had mine 6 weeks and absolutely love it, yes they arent the best hot hatch out there but who cares, the engine isnt for everyone, they do have to be pushed hard to get the best out of them but that doesnt mean there pants, lots of people dont know what they are and how fast there are, 7ish seconds to 60, carries on pulling up to a good speed, honda uses Vtec which is basically the same, lotus wouldnt have used the engine if there pants, have you been in a T sport???
  12. most of my money does go on my car, it does indeed, the chances of finding a red compressor rear bumper are pretty slim though, Ryan
  13. Part king gave me a quote for 174 for the rear skirt?? its when painting is involved where it starts to get expensive really, Ryan, thank you for the insight though, :D:D
  14. ummm, i dont really fancy cutting my bumper tbh, darn it, Ryan
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