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  1. Just thought I would let you guys know, I did not get these Rims, but instead I picked up some Enkei SC02 with new tires for $800 a real steal!!!
  2. Yip thats them, Nice ride comfort and sporty balance. At first they felt a little soft to me but I did come from the V7 WRX STi RA so anything would feel soft haha. You can pick them up here for about $1500 NZD. at the moment I can only find 01-04 see link.
  3. Thanks for the comment! I dont know sorry it had them when imported from Japan
  4. This can be easily answered with some honesty. It's a Jap import I live in New Zealand. And it does have a 2zz-ge 6 speed, and the chassis code is zze123 just like your tsport only its got 4 doors, digital center console, lexus style guage cluster and a few other little things.
  5. Thanks, There is some about an hours drive from me forsale off a Toyota IQ lol $1000NZD with tires only 6 months old Its got the TRD dampners and springs which I understand lowers the car about 30mm
  6. Just looking for some opinions, What do you guys think about 17x7" Advanti Nebullar N993's on an Black zze123 Corolla. Other recomendations also welcomed :) Cheers.