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  1. The ac would depend how the belts run if it is ran on a separate belt then its very simple but if it shares a belt with everything else then you would need a shorter belt, that being said some pulleys may not get the right amount of contact easiest way would be a custom setup if the ac runs on the same belt.
  2. Will upload a video and photos once I've sorted my lighting issue :) I can give it a good clean once its done make it gleaming! :) Luke
  3. To keep you all informed it is alive :) and running perfectly!!! At the moment the only thing i don't have is dip beam and main beam,however i Do have the rear fog working which if you don't already know Toyota bridged the front lights with the rear fog switch, so its probably just missing 1 cable! Pictures are to follow soon and a video of it running :) hope your all as excited as I am :) Luke
  4. Where are you E834FPB ? Just connectors for the engine swap i done im just waiting for my local shop to open in the new year but if that falls through could defiantly use you as back up
  5. I have a possible local shop looking at it in the new year, any help im interested in mate :)
  6. Looks just like mine except mine ain't got the TTE new grill sticker :) mines not of the slow variety tho ;) 4age 20v nice looking car how much you get it for?
  7. Im looking for a toyota specialist in the south of England or a toyota performance specialist need some wiring done, sorry if its in wrong section its for my ae111 corolla :P Luke
  8. I've sorted something lad :) just waiting on custom power steering pipe and radiator hoses! :) Luke
  9. Ye its not the ecu plugs there's 4 plugs with the engine loom which connect in the car 3 white plugs and a blue plug and how much you want for splicing it? Luke
  10. 4age 20v fits right in all 4 mounts line up perfectly because the Levin has the same chassis as ours :) also you need a different pipe made for power steering as the 4age pipe won't fit into the steering rack but its cheap work! Finally its just alot of wiring, im at this state now so haha hopefully get it started soon! :) Luke
  11. Ah okay well alot of it is cutting off plugs and fitting different plugs in i guess? Luke
  12. I have 2 complete looms mate just not the best with wires! Also the corolla speedo runs via cable and the Levin is done by electronic sensor in the gearbox i take it i need my own gauge setup. Luke
  13. Nice! I imagine that be much harder! But im not amazing with wires! Defiantly not confident enough to hack the loom up ! Luke
  14. Looks nice mate!! I've just put a 20v in my ae111 i had the 4a-fe though ! Great little engine but just needed more umphhhhh !! Nice looking car look forward to more mods! Luke
  15. Heya :) well its finely in all mounted down and mostly plumbed up! :D undergoing alot of wiring at the moment as its a !Removed! if im honest haha :P but I am most defiantly looking forward to having her running soon! once she starts ill be happy :) anyway here are some photos of the beauty in the bay I must say they look so at home in here! online photo sharing 2 fuse boxes there might try to bridge the boxes one is engine loom and the other is front lights ect so may try bridge the boxes as the plugs are not the same. online photo storage Powered by..... well me actually! photo upload My baby in her former glory! just want to drive it again! online photo sharing Luke
  16. Heya ive just put a 4a-ge 20v in my ae111 corolla which had a 4a-fe in it, and i feel i could use someone more at home with looms splicing ! Mostly fuse boxes and the 4 plugs connected with the engine loom. Any help be great!
  17. I like the idea of super strut but not the pricetag when they go wrong, but you can fit the bigger brakes with superstrut however i was quoted 1200 euros for a 6 pot or 4pot (can't remember) big brake kit. Luke
  18. Okay you got me the bzr is different because the air direction turn knob is actually buttons on the Levin bzr :P apart from that it has everything down to our little dash scoop for the head unit :P Luke
  19. Very true ! Infact our corolla were actually proto-typed and were set to use the 4age 20v but they changed to the more eco 4a-fe which means i have to do all there work for them! the ae111 bzr which is the facelift i believe has an identical dash to ours, but the pre facelift has a slightly different dash which is why im keeping mine can't be asked to change interior looms over! Luke
  20. Seriously mate the cars share so much also who can deny the sound if ITBS ! As for the D2's i love them! Exceptional ride quality a little rough even when set to soft :P but good suspension comes at a price of comfort! I keep saying ill update my build thread give me a week or two and ill get on it again :) Luke
  21. In response to suspension i have a D2 setup on mine and its fully adjustable height, damping and camber adjustable, as for brakes i know you can get some 6 pots for about €1200 if you need more info on these ill dig it out my emails, engine wise i wouldnt attempt a 4age from a Mr2 as you only get half of what you need from the car. I will update my build thread soon i have the blacktop ready to go in just the time, the Levin share so much with these cars for all ready upgrades buy a Levin cheap take the engine box ecu loom brakes seats anything you can and fit it over :). But yes anyway D2 suspension is insane! The car does not step out of line! Luke
  22. Going well so far just building her back up :) also just sorted another car while mines in the garage getting it fitted :) so its all go right now the cars are so alike its great! Im expecting a little head scratching in a week or so but this baby will live!! Luke
  23. Can make my own if need be it handles stupidly good considering it has no rear anti roll bar connected! But can make my own if need be :) my Levin may have longer ones ill look into it. Luke
  24. Heya i just fitted my d2 coilovers and could use some adjustable drop links anyone know anything? I might try honda civic ones as the cars are very alike Luke
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