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  1. Sounds like passenger seat belt warning buzzer, do you have anything resting on the seat? You could try connecting the seatbelt and see if it stops.
  2. My son solved the same problem by changing his startermotor. It was found to be contaminated with dust from the clutch.
  3. Have a read of this post, might be helpful.
  4. Gerg, I have checked the break fluid and had to top up with about 150ml. I will keep an eye on this. I have also looked for signs of a leak but can see anything obvious. Thanks again. Dave
  5. Thanks, Gerg, I will check that out.
  6. So I had to drive up to Doncaster from Kent on Wednesday to collect my caravan after being repaid (That's another story) and all was fine. I attached the caravan to the car, checked everything and all fine. I drove off and after about 10 minutes the handbrake check light comes on. Checked the handbrake and it fine and is as far down as it can go. After a few minutes, it goes off. Now happened periodically driving the 212 miles back to Kent. What I did notice was that this seems to happen while going uphill. I do know that on some Vauxhall cars this means that the clutch is wearing down, so I phoned my dealer when I returned home and they said that this is not the case with Toyota. They wanted me to bring the car in to be checked out at a cost of £100 just for the checking. I told them that I will drive the car about solo and see if the handbrake check light comes on. Just wondered if any of you technical guys could offer an answer to this problem? TIA
  7. While I agree this will cure the sagging problem, it won’t stop the door from hitting your hitch, as the back gets raised up the tow bar will raise up as well. Unless I’m missing something here. I have the Grayson Doughnuts fitted and this stopped my Rav sagging and the caravan sits level but the door still hits the Alko hitch leaver.
  8. It doesn't matter how high you make the springs, the rear door will always hit the caravan hitch. The EC Directive 94/20/EC (The standard that all towbars are designed to) states that the tow ball height should be between 350 and 420mm from the ground with the vehicle in a 'laden' state. I suppose you could jack the back up so high that you could then drop the tow bar down to achieve the correct hight. Just a thought.
  9. The 85% rule is only a recommendation and not the law.
  10. I have the same problem and it’s a common fault with this model. I have been tugging a caravan with my xt3 for 9 years now and have gotten used to it. I do pack most of the heavy stuff in the Rav with the rear seats laid down. If there’s anything that I think I will need on the road I place them near the rear side doors. Afraid it may be something that you have to live with.
  11. In his car, it would start fine from cold but when it reached temp' and you stopped and turned off the ignition it wouldn't start again. You had to leave it for about 20 minutes and then it would start fine and keep going. When he filled up in a garage he would have to leave the engine running, Very inconvenient.
  12. My son had the same problem and turned out to be the starter motor. It was found to be full of dust from the clutch, replaced with a new one and problem cured.
  13. A few months after having my engine done, I went back to Toyota as I needed to update the new engine number on my registration document and Toyota just went on their computer and found everything on there. They had all the details of what was done and when. So, if the engine was replaced under the extended warranty they WILL have a record.
  14. My son had the same problem on his 04 Avensis with the 2Ltr 4D4 Diesel and it turned out to be dust from the clutch had been drawn into the starter motor and this was causing a problem when the engine reached operating temperature. He would have to wait for about 20 to 30 min's before it would restart. After fitting a new starter motor this has cured his hot starting problem. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  15. Hi Stu, I had the very same problem as you are describing but only when I was towing my caravan. This was a few years ago now when my mileage was at 45,000, now at 121,000. Anyway, I took it to my local Mr T garage and told me the head gasket had gone and needed to be replaced. Well, I told them that the engine should be replaced with this symptom and they said no we will just replace the gasket. So that is what they did and the car was fine. After about 3 weeks of problem free driving, I received a phone call from my Mr T to say they needed the car back as they should not have changed the gasket but should have just replaced the engine with a two thirds new one using my old head. Anyway, what I'm saying is that with just the gasket change all was fine, but don't know how long it would have lasted for. The thing is the car may not be worth spending money on a new engine but if you can do a DIY job replacing the gasket that might be worth it. When they changed my gasket they didn't skim the head. Best of luck, Dave