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  1. ... join the Toyota MR2 Owners NW group on Facebook to share your love of the MR2 and to get or give help when things go wrong.
  2. ... join the Toyota MR2 Owners NW group on Facebook to share your love of the MR2 and to get or give help when things go wrong.
  3. When faced with a big decision, sometimes you've just got to take the plunge, especially after a year of mulling it over... Whatever you decide to buy, please post up some photos, as we all enjoy seeing what our fellow members drive .
  4. I've unlocked this thread at the request of the author on the promise that they'll be no future posts about duping the MOT tester into believing the car has a passenger airbag. If there are, the thread will be locked (again) and short term bans will be issued. Please bear in mind that, although unlikely, the lack of an airbag could result in the death of the passenger and the prosecution of the driver.
  5. This thread makes me very uncomfortable, specifically the post that provided instruction on how to disable the airbag warning light in order to pass the MOT (now hidden). Please bear in mind that if a car passes its MOT under false pretenses, the MOT is likely to be invalid, and if a car's MOT certificate is invalid it invalidates the insurance. If you cannot afford to buy and fit a replacement airbag then I suggest you SORN the car until the time comes when you can. The Toyota Owners Club does not encourage or endorse circumvention of a car's safety features.
  6. You are a Toyota virgin no more. Congratulations. Funnily enough, there's a lot of people on these boards with Toyotas ;).
  7. On this occasion we'll assume this speed was reached on a private road or track. If you went that fast on a public road please do not do it again. It's dangerous not only for you and any passengers you might be carrying but for other roads users and pedestrians too.
  8. Welcome to the boards and congrats on your new buy. I'm sure it'll serve you well.
  9. laze


    Keep us up to date. Great if the culprit has been caught on CCTV.
  10. Looks great, super-shiny. I've never owned a new car either and I doubt if I ever will.
  11. I saw the photos from this on Facebook, there was a good variety of cars. Mine's a little unwell at the moment (gets fixed tomorrow!) so I didn't make it myself but I'll be at the next one for sure!
  12. Welcome to the forums. I'm sure you'll find someone interested in a swap.
  13. A little too far to travel for me but it's great to see an event that supports the Japanese car enthusiast community.
  14. Please try to avoid linking to compressed files (*.7z, *.zip, *.rar etc). Where possible, link directly to the file itself, in this case a PDF. Compressed files are often used to gain unauthorised access to a person's computer and as I don't want to put any of you at risk I'll nearly always remove them - just in case. Thanks
  15. Yeah, um, I don't think I'm going to come. I didn't realise it was a five hour drive from Salford. Have fun people!
  16. Odd question that's probably quite far down most people's list but what PCD do they have?
  17. Hi Chris and welcome to the boards. I'm often down your way as my in-laws live in Wellingborough.
  18. laze


    I've spoken with George and consider the matter closed. Please remain on topic guys.
  19. It's extremely easy, you'll be fine. When you put the plug back in do not over tighten it, you don't need to do them up ridiculously tight.
  20. Changed my oil today. Next up... replace centre section of exhaust.

  21. It looks like a Honda Civic at the front.
  22. It's worth taking a look at the plugs. If you do, take a photo of one and post it here. When were the plugs last changed?
  23. Car looks great! I think Paul is biased when it comes to colour ;).
  24. Ahahaha, need to convince the wife!
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