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  1. I was watching/considering several of these, but was always worried about image quality, is it as good as they say and you can read street names and even faces?
  2. AndrewMW

    Iq Battery

    Maybe this is the reasoning behind losing stop/start on the newer cars.
  3. Could well be, the updated price list (Aug 2012) I have doesn't show an IQ4. Slightly odd my local Toyota dealers own website still shows the ability to order Island Blue with Chrome mirrors and "start / stop". They either know they can still get hold of some, or are a bit behind in updating..
  4. My probably now slightly out of date brochure has "paint" at only 3 years and "corrosion" at 12 years
  5. I would hope they are still available, if I can't find a suitable newish "old" IQ3 I'd option them on a new one if i go down that route. Although I'd guess that as "dealer options" they would only get a limited warranty rather than the 3 year paint warranty on factory work (even if it was just a dealer doing it as the car lands)
  6. The revised specs are live on the toyota website, no mention of them having changed. Despite lowering the specs of the car slightly, the bill for what I want is the same (baring lack of sports option pack), so I guess its a cost saving exercise, to keep the aparent vehicle price the same to the naked eye.
  7. So maybe its not all bad, just that what I am expecting to be an 'IQ3' is now an 'IQ4' and the IQ3 is a middle model. I still wonder why the deleted the petrol saving stop/start.
  8. Wow to my eyes not so much of a revamp more of a murder... Why on earth is the MPG saving stop/go being deleted? especially as so many other manufacturers are adding it. wonder if it makes large impact on the claimed figures. Not what I wwanted to hear but thanks for the update.
  9. Salesmans face must have been a picture when you dropped that on him!
  10. Indeed George, its why I dont hold anything against Toyota but if/when I decide to buy again I will travel further afield than my local dealer that I dealt with last time. It is a tricky whether to wait for new model, with possible price rise, or try to get an old model bargain, although with my choice preference of a loaded amethyst IQ3 being rareish i'm not sure I will see one soon. If I get nearer to the end of the year I also fear the possible Citroen DS2 arrival, might make things interesting in my house where car choices are concerned.
  11. I had a similar issue too that caused me to have to cancel my IQ order (but I am still on the look out) and again I am not Toyota bashing, just relaying my events and hoping it was just a rogue dealer or lost order that no-one would admit to. My PCP ran out on my old car, and with my job being more town based thought a city car was in order. Saw an IQ and loved it. Dealer pointed out the 2 month lead time as the next few batches being built were silver/white and black, and i wanted purple, and then some time in the UK to fit other options. So I made a few arrangements, and borrowed a car and
  12. AndrewMW

    Dash Vents.

    My new car brochure (from late 2011) indicates a Thatcham 2 immobiser is standard, no alarm. The dealer i chatted with back in April said you could option the alarm at car build, and it would be considered a Thatcham 1 system. I queried it as I wanted to have/fit an alarm due to where I have to park for work. Although I have noted that many used Iq's have alarm listed.....
  13. AndrewMW

    Dash Vents.

    My new car brochure indicates a Thatcham 2 immobiser is standard, no alarm. The dealer i chatted with back in April said you could option the alarm at car build, and it would be considered a Thatcham 1 system.
  14. AndrewMW

    New To Iqs

    Its a shame Toyota have taken this point of view, bad customer relations is one of the reasons I quit being a Pugeot owner after 15 years. Now of course I'm not saying Toyota should cover items forever, but it seems a great shame that they can't help, for a car easily able to break the 60mpg barrier with an already accepted issue in the unit measuring fuel, cannot cover this.
  15. Welcome and good choice of colour!
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