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  1. Good, providing that is the problem, after all the bloke said they were only "95% certain" it was the immobilizer! Totally screwed my valentines plans up!!
  2. Nah it wasnt near any of that stuff. I have done less driving in this car then i did with the Fiesta and the Yaris, and never had problems with them. BTW Toyota phoned today, theyre 95% certain that its the immobilzer thats knackered, so theyre ordering one in and wont be here til tomorow, then god knows how long they'll take to getting round to fitting it. Any ideas? :(
  3. Hey guys. Maybe the batteries are rubbish. This morning, as most, i drove to uni which takes the usual 25 minutes. Look around and couldnt get a space so i park in the local multi-story. Come back 2 hours later, BAM, car wont start, it keeps turning and turning and turning but wont fire, what the heck? All the electrics were working, i checked battery indicator and it looked fine. The bloke from the car park comes and sees what the problem is and he gets a mini battery charger, tried that and still didnt work. So i rang RAC, he did the same and checked the fuses and injectors/plugs or whatever
  4. We asked about this when we got ours. Itl cost you £125 for the keyfob and theyl hook it all up for you. Expensive? Yup!!!
  5. Dont see why it would void warranty its only a piece of plastic that covers the glove box for privacy. Yes it was easy to fit, can be a bit fiddly.
  6. Yup i sure did from planet peugeot parts!
  7. Fitted. Most of it looks fine but the handle is balls and doesnt look like a decent fit on the left hand side. But heck, it does its job, aint fitted that little arm thing coz i dont wana put a screwhole in the side of the dash.
  8. Old post i know, but i just got mine today and il fit it later. The instructions look pretty crappy, but guess i just have to look at the car itself for it to make more sense!! When you said it was bendy plastic, i expected it to be a cheapy piece of plastic, but it aint, its just like the rest of the grey interior :) If i need help il PM you lol!
  9. Yeh they were. Sorry Leanny if i offended you but it wasnt meant to, i was just saying i did loads of stuff like neons etc to the yaris years ago which at the time i thought was cool and not chav (even though i wasnt and never been a chav), but i grew out of that. Neons can be okay if you do a good job and dont overdo them. But remember, each to their own, theres always people who arent going to like things, and some that do :) Anyways welcome to the forums.
  10. I did that ages ago to my yaris, then i grew outa the charv stage and took them all off. Just attach them on the underside of the dash (out of view) with sticky pads and hide all wires.
  11. The planet peugeot site has an alloy gear knob, the one in the aygo black is pants....along with the gaiter, could definately do with a revamp lol
  12. breezer

    Got It

    Oh i wondered if there was a button to do this, i cant remember seeing that button but il check. I got the glove box lid from planet peugeot parts, someone else did too and said if it broke they wouldnt bother getting another one, but i think i need a lid to hide stuff, dont want things on show: http://www.planetpeugeotparts.com/FullDeta...?ProductID=1322 Heres another thread with piccy: http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=48946 Edit, found that button - thanks, bit more bass and trebble was needed - turned them right up lol!!
  13. Il get some when i remember :) Went to take some the other day but it was too dark!
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