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  1. I ordered a rear nut cover for the rear wiper arm for our 57 plate yaris. It is a genuine Toyota part. When I have come to fit it it is just a tiny bit to long. It clips in ok but as you can see not at the end. I emailed the dealer and he checked it against our reg number and it is the right part number. He said that it may be possible that the wiper are was changed in the past? Does anyone know if the nut cover for a 2005 to 2011 is a tiny bit shorter and the same type of fitting where it clips into the lugs. The original came off the other day when my wife took it through the car wash but she could not see it anywhere. Thanks for any replies.
  2. Thanks. Popped into the dealer today. Had a good chat. The excel is still available with the panoramic roof on the 2019 dealer price lists even though it is not listed on the configuration build on the main site. The conveinence pack is also standard. The non sliding seats were a bit left down. I didn't look myself but my wife reckons the boot is a bit bigger that our 57 plate car. If this is correct then it must mean they have moved the rear seat forward a bit so less leg room. As far as the little cubby slots on the dash I didn't think it was to bad.
  3. In the carwow review it say it's the 2019 model but if I put in 2019 else where it shows the sudan? version. What model is this in thee video? If I were to order one now would it be this carwow review car or the one before. On our old yaris I like the digital speedometer readout but the one in the video has dials. Sorry to sound a bit thick.
  4. Well it's been over a year since I was lat on here and we still not get around to buying anything. So round two. Since I know nothing about the cvt gearbox (within limits) what is the kind of life does it have. I come back to this car as we have just ordered a vw T Roc only to find that they are having problems with the 1.00 clutches burning out at anything as early as 300 miles. The same is used on the Ateca and they are also having the same problems. That along with two other well known problems they were having on the m2 tiguans which resulted me in rejecting ours (along with three other members) I would have thought it would have all been sorted by now but appears not. Any, that's enough of that. So back to my original question. Thanks for any replies. On another slight note. I have read that Nissan are changing their cvt gear boxes and was another reason for me asking.
  5. Hi My wife has a 57 plate yaris sr The gear stick knob has gone very sharp around the edges as well as the numbers fading It is the metal silver ball type for the sr. Does anyone know of a replacement ball that would fit. It does not have to be the sr one but has to be a five speed. Also is it easy to replace the knob on a 57 plate. Thanks for any replies.
  6. Cheers. I let you know how I get on.
  7. I have just been talking to one of my facebook friends who I didnt even know he worked for Toyota for 16 years. Copied from my facebook. Carl Byatt It needs reprogramming & gearbox learning 1/2hr job I Carl Byatt Go to Toyota dealer tell them you want gearbox resynchronised. Learning values. They should charge 0.5hr max & no you don't need a new ECU let me know how you get on
  8. Yes, it all seemed fine on the test drive apart from the odd hesitating in changing gear, from 1st to 2nd and we took it on our own for around 30 minutes, no hills though, and didnt even think about seeing if it would creep.
  9. OK, we bought from a private dealer this morning , just waiting for them to ring me back. Thanks for the info
  10. Im not sure, all I know is that its an 06 reg, I have just rang the dealer as I am having problems pulling off from a junction up a hill as it goes to change gear but then loses all power and almost stops then really jerks forward and struggles.
  11. I have just bought an 06 yaris 44000 miles. (A few hours ago) When I stop on a hill it rolls backwards, is this right? When I am on a flat surface and in drive the car does not creep forward and I have to blip the pedal a bit which in turn causes the car to lurch forward. Also the car does not creep backwacks when in reverse Sorry to ask so many questions. I do have a few more but will ask later. Thanks for any repies.
  12. I must have gone straight past that Mike. Where abouts is it under?