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  1. altocumulus

    E10 Fuel

    My 2020 model shows a sticker in the fuelling port E5 & E10 - is that a recent addin of information?
  2. Is there an additive available to help longevity? I've still got 3/4 tank of petrol from Stornoway purchased early July. Normally, even in a non-covid era, that could last me beyond xmas! Though we're off to Mull, ferries and Nicola permitting, later this month and no doubt E10 will end up in the tank.
  3. It's the longevity of E10 in the tank that's going to be a pest! I had E5 for a year without detriment!
  4. Odd! It doesn't really matter though as the PIP charge rate is restricted through software. tbh I haven't needed to use an charger other than at home. I get good enough mpg on HV, and have often force charged on long downhill stretches.
  5. I have mesh, too, but doesn't reach the part where the car is, unless I switch on the hub in the telescope obsy.....
  6. Now I'm totally confused. I couldn't find any place on the odblink app to identify tyre sensor data. Downloading Carista, I could view that the car has 4 sensors stored, all showing pressure. I had a go at reinitialising the tpms system and it said it had done. But I've been here before, so I'll wait until I've driven a while to see if it's taken! Odd if it has! Surely looking through Carista isn't enough to force any reset? Interesting! My purchase was through Amazon. It says in features, not compatible with hybrids nor evs! Also There are in-app purchases...enhancements- but at least I got a firmware update.... Ps how many folk can link to car and Internet at same time.....😁....I was out of wifi range from the house.....
  7. The OBDLink app allows TPMS access? I'll give that a go, tbh I haven't looked at that app.... 🤐 Only 5! And the prius doesn't even have a spare wheel! Interesting, though, my 2018 model was capable of receiving 8 codes - especially for the Winter/Summer scenario. I'll do some digging and see what I can get - Tire Assistant provides sensor details so even if it's only 5 codes I can rustle something up. Will keep you posted. Thanks all...
  8. I did buy the dongle for the hybrid assistant, but found the app too confusing for my little brain! Thanks Colin, it would be informative.
  9. Further on the site, supports OBDLink MX Bluetooth or LX (Android only) - I have the OBDLink LX version.
  10. From the Carista website....
  11. Thanks Colin. Yes, the garage was my proper Toyota dealer! I took the new car home, discovered there was paintwork damage. Whilst waiting for a paintshop slot I changed the wheels over to my Winter set. I asked the garage to add 4 new codes to the listing - they had done so for my previous PHEV. 3 weeks it took for the paintwork to be done! Changed the wheels back a few weeks ago, and the damn TPMS won't settle - yet it said it had initialised 10 minutes after I had fixed the wheels and checked the pressures. Sighs - just hoped the carista app on the 'green' obdII would work (I asked after watching someone on YouTube add codes to his Toyota). Och weel - at least Tire Assistant and a standard tyre pressure gauge will keep me checked (perhaps a piece of black tape over the orange light on the dash....😅 Stay safe!
  12. altocumulus


    OK, second phev in a row and tpms playing up after changing Winter/Summer tyres over. As far as I knew the garage was supposed to have added 8 codes for the two sets of wheels, but I cannot get the initialisation to accept. 'Tis 60 miles to my local garage! I understand the Carista app will allow me to check and, if necessary, update onboard codes. The app requires a subscription. Question: does one need the Carista obd2 dongle as well, or will the obdlink lx work? Geoff Hope everyone's safe and well.
  13. There doesn't seem to be a way in the display - I find the ChargePlus app gives details of charge; Not available if you don't use it! You can view miles/kwh, but little else do do directly with charge on the vehicle.
  14. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=car+tilt+sensor+alarm&adgrpid=112320657508&gclid=CjwKCAjw6fCCBhBNEiwAem5SO-c_y9l_B2uSiULoFVhpe1YXmd9fYy-z8_84oIEw80hzgYAhDgkBixoCYFYQAvD_BwE&hvadid=446758988349&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9046830&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=5204727471966344519&hvtargid=kwd-940711788444&hydadcr=4643_1755123&tag=googhydr-21&ref=pd_sl_8x5vwrorl_e_p49
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