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  1. Good to see someone's mobile! We're still 'locked down' until end of July.....
  2. RAV4 phev is what we've been waiting for. However we changed from a RAV4 Hybrid to the Prius phv because the 2018 RAV4 Hybrid was more expensive (ignoring the ugly grill!). I doubt the RAV4 phv will be a price worth paying - especially if we can't get out to enjoy it 😄
  3. Aye - it might be heavier with the extra battery, but it still provides into the 80's dragging it along in hv mode! (At least that's what I remember not having been allowed out for 6 weeks!) I have the Chargemaster connection, the slower one (All the Prius can take, anyway). 3-pin's a useful backup if you can reach from the hotel bedroom window (Depressingly it doesn't seem worth changing from winter to summer wheels; by time shielding has finished we'll have snow on the ground again....)
  4. Greeny-blue: Reminds us of the beaches on Harris.....
  5. Especially in Green.....
  6. The plugin is great!
  7. He gets the plus from us too - we went there originally for a chr, but didn't like the interior. The phv is loooverly!
  8. Let me guess, you got it from Elgin....Connor, perhaps? I'm still debating whether to change my winter wheels back to summer, as we're shielding and it might just be winter by time we get released ! 😄
  9. The figures I meant were those using the HV mode, which is similar to the 'normal' Toyota hybrid running. As to charging - I've only charged at home and the time taken is just over 2 hours from empty to full charge. I've used the drive charge-mode twice, both from Clisham to Stornoway and even then I achieved 85MPG on HV mode. So lugging a heavy battery doesn't seem to cause too much!
  10. I've been getting those figures even with winter wheels on. Sadly it now looks like our Skye trip tomorrow is off, with further ramifications for a 2 weeks Summer hol on Lewis scuppered. It must be bad when the Grand National is cancelled / postponed. Stay safe all....
  11. Sorry, I meant the software is available from either a dealer or a download from a Toyota website.
  12. I've had, since 2002, RAV4, Corolla, Prius 2, Prius 3, RAV4, RAV4 Hy, Prius Plug. In the 90's I also went through 3 Diahatsu ( same marque now ). I've had Land Rover, Datsun (!), Hillman, Fiat (yeuch!) and Rover. None have compared to the reliability of Toyota, though Toyota have had some niggles and questionable interiors/switch positions to their cars :D. If only they'd hurry up and sort out an EV that's worth looking at. Mind it'd have to be good to surpass the usefulness of the plug-in ( even in HV mode with a heavy battery! ). We're likely coming up for a change this Summer....