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  1. altocumulus

    PHV Charging

    Took a while, plus a reset at the fuse box - but I did eventually get the green light. Still not sure where the 'problem' lies - the earlier experience was when I was using the 3-pin - before the Chargemaster was installed. Thanks Jay.
  2. altocumulus

    PHV Charging

    Hi all, When using Chargemaster connection I normally see blue indicator lights at front dashboard, green light in the car port and a green light on the Chargemaster box. This morning, connecting to charge, for an overnight schedule, I get the blue lights, but neither of the green ones. Anyone else seen this, have a solution? I'd hazard a guess that on the occasions the car hasn't been charged on schedule, this has happened before. After a few times of no-charge I reset the Chargemaster at the fuse box, though whether that really cured it I don't know - but I'd be interested in where the reason lies, Chargemaster or the car - It's odd, though I still get the blue indicator lights :chinscratch: I've not tested with the 3-pin - though that would eliminate the Chargemaster :D Geoff
  3. altocumulus

    Cross climate tyres for Prius Gen4

    Just an off-the-peg thought, would 17 inches allow just a tad more underbody clearance?
  4. altocumulus

    New Prius coming in March?

    Keep us appraised. I guess no change to the boot space, or the daft opening of the central storage unit.
  5. altocumulus

    2017 PHEV battery degradation

    The Prius charging rate is fixed at 3.3kWh no matter which type of charger you use. My garage told me there's no harm in always keeping the car 'on-charge' when not in use. As Jay says, there's a battery management system inn place (one assumes! - depends if Toyota remembered for the UK market :D ). I'm just on 1000 miles since new and the available mileage each morning seems to have plateaued at 31.3 miles (ex-heating).
  6. altocumulus

    PHV Adaptive High Beam - Do Yours Work Like They Should?

    I need to do a little more adjusting I guess, as long as I can work out the upper limit.....
  7. altocumulus


    Ouch. But seriously given the size of the damn space you'd think Toyota could afford one or two luxuries....
  8. altocumulus

    TPMS on PHV

    ...or buy midge repellent and don't see any midges :D
  9. altocumulus

    TPMS on PHV

    Winter tyres are working extremely well 😄 Only one instance of icy roads so far this season and no snow..........
  10. altocumulus


    The interior boot light is puny!
  11. altocumulus

    PHV Adaptive High Beam - Do Yours Work Like They Should?

    Confusingly we couldn't work out what was happening yesterday evening. I guess the shuttering was activating as not that many cars were showing annoyance. Often the nearside lights would remain high, the lights of on-coming cars made it difficult to see if there was any shuttering/adjustments - there were a lot of false alarms due to reflective road signs and one or two occasions when the lights would just flash because they wanted to! The blue high beam light remained on at all times, except when speed dropped below 25 and stayed off until 41. This was disconcerting as with it on one assumes the beams haven't dipped.
  12. altocumulus

    Should I buy a plug in?

    You might be right Geof, but we're happy we made the choice :D
  13. altocumulus


    Yes, I know what you mean - It's just with the poor boot space, some things will end up on the back seat and I'd rather it not be in too plain sight.
  14. altocumulus


    Indeed....but if a 'flagship' doesn't have it as a standard ..... 😄
  15. altocumulus


    Wheels with winter tyres now on. I'm told they are just slightly more noisy than the Toyos...10% off wheels and sensors thanks to the Club....:thumbsup: Whilst waiting at the garage to have them fitted, Aygo & Yaris were both rubbing the PHV's nose in it! They both had privacy glass in the rear!!!!