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  1. Can anyone recommend a good one, out of the myriad of options available! I do have a Disklok shield which I originally bought for my Rav4, and it does fit the Prius PHV. BUT it's a pain to store sensibly in the phv which already has a dearth amount of space for storage!
  2. That's actually what I was trying to do. When I was just about giving up for the afternoon the 12V battery warned it was getting low (which makes me wonder)! So it's been on overnight charge.
  3. Anyone used Tire Assistant (TA)? Connected, seemingly with satisfaction - readings from all tyres around 29psi; they should be 35&36psi (obviously pump at Tesco, when warning came on, didn't inflate properly). Pumped one tyre up, hoping TA would register the change and I could position tyres within the app - but in spite of "updating" the app didn't change the readout.... :chinscratch: Sat with thumb on reset of TPMS in Car Diags for about 5 minutes without any initialisation. Me thinks something amiss in the car's software, rather than hardware?
  4. The only time something similar happened to me was when I was de-misting the front windscreen.
  5. Maybe, though I don't recall!
  6. No problem I've since noticed that Amazon ( How do they know what my car model is? ) have placed a warning on the obd scanner I bought, saying it isn't compatible with the Prius PHV! So, following reviews etc, I've stumped up for the 'recommended' obd.
  7. Trip to Aberdeen on HV - recorded 89.6mpg and scored 90/100 - doesn't seem to be a tyre issue 😄 . Warning light flashes and is then steady, manual suggests it's a sensor issue.
  8. Has anyone tried the "Tire Assistant" from the same stable? I can connect to "Hybrid Assistant", but the "Tire Assistant" appears to not like the ODBII I have. (They only recommend the one! at £60)
  9. Nothing's changed, other than a tyre swop (just in time for winter to supposedly make an appearance!). Just noticed there's a Tire Assistant as part of the Hybrid Assistant stable - I'll see if I can glean any info from that - mind it says it needs a good quality OBD2 adapter 😄
  10. 3 weeks after the change to 'normal' tyres, from winter - TPMS warning light is on. Reset sometimes works and initialises the TPMS - and light goes out for a while; other times it doesn't react to the reset. No obvious sign of tyre deflation/over-inflation. Pressures as expected in the tyres - only thing not tried is a deflate and re-inflate to see if that alters anything. Just completed a 60 mph round-trip on HV mode, returning in excess of 80mpg - an indicator, if nothing else, that the tyres don't appear to be less than optimal! Does anyone else noted any 'problems'. Car's just 8 months since first registration - if there's a battery in the sensors they are supposed to last 10 years.
  11. Installation : Brilliant. Had the same guy who did survey, then returned a few weeks later for installation. Had one main contact at Chargemaster, who was reasonable and helpful. But, presumably, the manager (?) was confusing, always trying to install too big a unit for the wiring - maybe a fiddle to suggest paperwork was higher spec than reality? e-mail formats were very confusing and unhelpful. Always nearly identical not matter what stage the process was at - making it difficult to decide whether the constant repetition meant I'd missed something out. Not one I'd recommend on that score. Used up the full UK Government grant and part of the allowance offered by the Scottish Government. New car.
  12. I've bought a pack of two, from Amazon. They are effective, so should do the job.
  13. "Defender" - chuckles, don't tell Land Rover....
  14. Indeed, that's the 'obvious' test - and I guess you're right in that often we forget the 'spare' set. On one occasion a few years ago, with a Prius, I inadvertently drove with my wife's spare set that she had in her handbag. When she left to go shopping, I said I would pick her up when she called me. You can guess - she needed her handbag for shopping and in the bag was ...... 😄 p.s. Do the ebay pouches have a maker's name?
  15. As thought. Some pouches are dodgy.