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  1. A nearly new PHV, with only one tyre will be extremely noisy :D I'm informed by my lady that the winter tyres on our PHV are quieter than the originals....
  2. Tethering by bluetooth was the culprit for me, too. Many thanks....
  3. That brings to mind a similar problem I had in the '80's with a Talbot Horizon. I skidded off the road in snow and went down a banking. The car, after being checked, was deemed Ok and undamaged. In those days I was travelling something approaching 30,000 miles a year. I started to see wear on one side of the front tyres. Tracking was out, but corrected and, with a new tyre in place, I started again to see uneven wear. The tracking was checked, again, and was out. This occurred a couple more times until an enlightened fitter did an experiment. He fixed the tracking, dropped the car back to the ground, and raised it up again. The tracking was out. It transpired the tracking bolt had lost part of its thread, so when it was thought it had tightened - it transpired not. I'm not saying this is the same, but just an experience. After the bolt was replaced, no more uneven wear.
  4. If Stuart had the same 'problem' as me, the phones were satisfactorily paired, in order to be connected for phone and audio - it's just that missing bit on linking via bluetooth to the Internet. I'll have another go with my two phones and see if this solution will work for me too.
  5. Thanks, I'll have a look and see if that's my 'problem' too.
  6. Like a lot of things, it pays more to go green! and the phv is greenish(!) LED bulbs, for instance, need less electricity than halogen or the old filaments; but cost more up front. As their use increases, does it bring the home electricity bill down? Certainly hasn't for us, at the 30 year point of living in the same house, our bill has continued to rise....
  7. I don't. It's a compromise, for us, between an EV and a pure petrol. 90-95% of my journeys are in EV mode but we always wanted something that would go further than 200 miles without having to worry about re-fueling in the wilds of Scotland - even though many powerpoints, in Scotland, are free to use.
  8. Up to 39 miles is the claim for the 2017/18 PHV. My maximum charge, so far, has been 36.5 miles. I like to think I am an economical driver, but the best I manage is around 28 miles from that - but road conditions hereabouts are a mite hilly :D. Meanwhile my HV capability continues to rise, (possibly the last few weeks driving in that mode has loosened the engine) and my latest record on a home to Aberdeen trip is 93.9 mpg.
  9. Nothing wrong with 'dodgy'.....
  10. Never tried it, but is that necessary now there's a toggle option?
  11. Of more importance, what's the boot capacity? We need that extra space on the back seat for overflow luggage 😄
  12. Quick short experiment, Leverburgh to Stornoway is around 55 miles. The road traverses a section of high ground especially north of Tarbet with a few long stretches of both ascents and declines. On the decline section I used charge mode and went from zero to 15 miles, and still achieved 89.8 mpg for the complete journey [All HV mode]. ( It was too dull to stop for any of the usual photographic opportunities. )
  13. Right. I'm over in Uist at the moment. EV charge now depleted after 12 days of driving just on HV, first in Lewis/Harris. The CYC app doesn't work and an RFD card didn't arrive in time for me to use the (mostly) free charge points. I've browsed the manual for the charge mode, and can't find the damn thing! It's not desperate, most of the journeys have yielded into the 80's, way better than the RAV4 hybrid we had last year, and better than the gen2&3 before it. It would be useful to have some charge to save gassing the poor ferry crew more than they all ready are!