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  1. I have a letter from Toyota GB, surely they know what vehicle model I have. I have a Case opened at Toyota GB, giving my vehicle reference numbers, and the advisor confirmed the CatLoc suitable for my vehicle. The garage have written information that says, no CatLoc isn't and won't be available for my vehicle. That's what I mean by right and left handies....
  2. Left and right hands! There are NO plans to make a CatLoc for the Prius phv models....
  3. Confirmation from the garage this morning. That catloc does not fit the 2018 phv, and Toyota (UK) have no plans for one.
  4. 106 miles round trip to the dealer to be informed the catloc doesn't fit the 2018 phv (there's only one fitment in the catalogue).
  5. They seem to damn it with their praise. Mind it reads as though they have cause to.... Space lost in the boot for the extra, small, motor; so they'll not have any boot capacity if it has a phv option in the future!
  6. @HectorG I've used the Charge mode to go from zero to 12 miles, on a journey from the Harris border to Stornoway, using a long downhill stretch to advantage. The onboard figure still gave me over 80MPG for the journey. I've noticed, by experience, using longish downhills can be useful!
  7. Maybe - I still find it interesting the way it all works - once the EV mode is exhausted, there's still the ev part of the HV available. But once the EV is exhausted the car won't accept any harvesting unless the charge mode is activated.
  8. They've changed the display. But it still only gives time cable connected and time cable disconnected - bares no relationship to actual charge time. I notice they now have an option to add a tariff to work out price - but I guess it doesn't allow multiple tariffs nor takes account of price changes from a given date. All I can say is I'm glad I'm not paying for it - and I won't subscribe once the 3 year period is up!
  9. Brilliant news on the repair under warranty. Rather disconcerting the Main Dealer wasn't aware of policy! Good job you checked!
  10. Using 12 monthly figures the average is 4.06 kWh - range 3.3 to 4.9. Month just gone, includes 850 miles to/from Skye = 3.2 kWh; contrast with June 1200 miles to/from Lewis/Harris/Uists 4.4 kWh.
  11. I've found brand loyalty a fleeting issue when things 'go bad', and we've had successive Toyotas since 2007 (3 Diahatsu in the 80's & 90's) - but it's certainly worth pursuing; Toyota were sympathetic to my issues with my current phv re their advertising claims.
  12. According to my Chargemaster schedule, over the last year the highest charge has been 6.1 kWh. I still need to delve into what the car gives. Mind the latest bpchargemaster schedule is a load of rubbish (when did they change?) It has none of my charging taking place from 02:00 so I'll take the readings with a big pinch of salt.
  13. Thanks Jay, I know where you mean....
  14. I'll get back to you Jay - not a figure I closely monitor. ps Do we get a figure for overall mkWh?
  15. The £250 price quoted is already a discounted price, so my garage doesn't offer a 10% Club discount....If it discourages the thieving toerags I'll give it a go. My insurance will probably rise because it's a modification and they'll charge an admin fee for placing the info on file 😄 @RichSH - perhaps a change in chassis design? or the Gen4s are newer - as per Aaron's post?