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  1. I've had Toyota install the pair of cams in my new prius. I agree with comments here that Toyota should build them in already - though I think I recall reading there is something available through the existing camera that checks lanes/RSA etc. But on the point of viewing, has anyone found a solution that uses the infosystem on the car? 3rd party apps - or is it just not possible? p.s. Does anyone use the stickers to alert that dashcams are installed?
  2. Ah - Speed cameras - definitely a map thing - though it - apparently - also operates even when the map's not on display....
  3. Do you mean the RSA ( Road Sign Assist )? It's under Settings. p.s. It's rubbish!
  4. I've not tried, yet, with our new car, but the same thing happened with the 2018 version - very annoying! At least using the full fan by itself does the job, though it takes a few minutes.
  5. No, sorry, nothing was mentioned - this car was ordered in September, no one mentioned any newer model coming out. Apart from us and one other owner the phv are non existent in NE Scotland, actually make that 3 - our old car has already sold. - Heck we rarely see any 'ordinary' Prius.
  6. Well, I suppose it had to happen, especially as finance deal was ending. Differences noticed, and mentioned elsewhere - Full back seat RSA still rubbish ( I have a courtesy Yaris at the moment = equally rubbish - don't ask!!!! ) No climate setting on charge, but I do have 'new' options, traction battery heater - not too sure what it does, first charge on a coldish night only gave 30.9mpg, choice of charge Max or 8A Entertainment console updated, buttons instead of touchscreen menus, slightly larger and more prominent No 'white' plastic on steering wheel and
  7. Problem with relying on the seat heater is our car tends to get steamed up pretty quickly, especially when cold or raining. I see a drop of around 4 mpg on the charge range when heat or AC is on - worth it sometimes, especially when I can 'get' that 4 mpg 'back' through re-gen.
  8. Oi! We've missed out on the Hebridean experience this year, so let us bask in the colour of the car 🤣
  9. At the moment, no. I've only got the schedule set to "Start" rather than the other option which might trigger the climate prep. I'll have a wee bit more of a look sometime; at the moment I'm waiting to see what the garage are going to do with some paintwork issues!
  10. I have no idea, as yet, I need to read the manual - it wasn't available on my menu option on my 2018 Prius phev - which is why I was surprised to see it on the 2020 model.
  11. There's also a traction battery heater!? Annoyingly the storage box between front seats still opens with hinge on passenger side.
  12. Yep - that's about right. 40 mph to start, though it will then manage to stay active, sometimes, down as low as 19 mph. Absolutely annoying feature for those of us navigating rural roads..... I had it for a long time on my RAV4s until I cottoned on to the restriction, with my current Prius. It's something to do with some EU countries, if memory serves me correctly, having asked Toyota UK about it.
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