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  1. Right. I'm over in Uist at the moment. EV charge now depleted after 12 days of driving just on HV, first in Lewis/Harris. The CYC app doesn't work and an RFD card didn't arrive in time for me to use the (mostly) free charge points. I've browsed the manual for the charge mode, and can't find the damn thing! It's not desperate, most of the journeys have yielded into the 80's, way better than the RAV4 hybrid we had last year, and better than the gen2&3 before it. It would be useful to have some charge to save gassing the poor ferry crew more than they all ready are!
  2. Chuckles - One day, perhaps, I'll have a closer read of the manual!
  3. I have had the same thought over the years, more so now I have a phv. I would hope Toyota factor such issues into their calculations! Mind I do add an additive to petrol I store for lawnmower and brushcutter...
  4. Indeed! I'm always surprised (don't know why) that when the EV battery runs out, the car can still travel a fair distance on EV under HV mode. On other journeys from home, on a 100% battery, I can still regenerate and add a further mile to the 100%. It remains a great drive, improving on the Gen2 & 3 and RAV4 Hy. But damn it's hard to remember how limited that boot space is - especially after the Rav!
  5. Indeed Geof. I was uncertain as to whether our electrical supply would cope, it's ancient though tested a few times in the last 20 years. Chargemaster fitted a charging point for me in the garage, the slowest possible. But I certainly take your point on people preferring to place their precious expensive cars outside, whilst filling their garages with (probably) way less valuable stuff! One of the things that worries me about the plans (if there are any!) for road-side charge-points, is their attraction to vandals - It was hard to find a fully functioning, clean, un-urinated red telephone kiosk in the ancient past, these charge points will be more open and re-sale prices of materials will be interesting for those of a light-fingered nature....
  6. Aye, it was a while ago I recall.
  7. I can assure who ever did this survey that I plug my plug-in in!!!! I guess they mean company drivers were taking the tax advantage, but to tarnish us sensible folk - shocking!
  8. No problem Tony. Mind that 80's was in winter, on winter tyres - so I'm expecting a little bit more when winter finishes. I'm tempted more by HV as default, retaining EV for city/town driving. But it's all swings and roundabouts.
  9. Hi Anthony. I've never used that option. I didn't think it worth the excessive use of petrol just to gain a few more miles on the battery. If I have no battery charge to draw on, in EV, I still find the HV mode gives MPG into the 80's - what's not to like! ( Don't forget HV still has an EV element to draw on - just like the standard Toyota hybrids ).
  10. Ah! My apologies, I thought you meant the Power option to boost the acceleration. The button you refer to is called the stop/start in my Prius, hence my misinterpretation. So very sorry. Indeed, perhaps a cover would work.
  11. Not too sure why it would damage the car, perhaps someone else could confirm, but I've used it whilst moving to accelerate past a slow moving vehicle, more quickly than just putting foot down, switching back afterwards. Most often, though, it's engaged whilst stationary - waiting. Leave it for another confirmation....
  12. It could be, the controls - especially accelerator become more responsive to foot pressure.
  13. I tend to drive in ECO mode - always have - but I do agree the accelerator can be a bit sluggish which shows itself markedly when one transits from EV to HV... I often use Power mode if I'm on a busy roundabout and want to get going very smartish! On another note, I had 34.5 miles showing on charge this morning, and I only managed 22.5 miles before the battery was flattened. I blame the fog!
  14. Yes - I often wonder how much a Government subsidy adds to the price offered by any manufacturer! Even with the subsidy in place there's a serious price differential in running cost reduction versus the upfront price, that isn't recouped very quickly.