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  1. Mate its actually the head from my old saxo vts when the head gasket blew, i decided to do a full rebuild so i ported polished the head, matched the inlet and exhaust manifolds to the head, fast road cams,and polished all the moving parts in the bottom end, it meant the engine ended up at just over 180hp at the f/wheels...the engine internals in the Ma61 are gona get the same treatment over the winter
  2. Ive been polishing metal for over 30yrs and still doing it. it started as a hobby but turned into a real i cant help myself especially with car and bike parts... this is just some of the work ive done in the past
  3. hi peeps, i'm trying to source coilovers for my ma61 86 supra ....can any1 point me in the direction ov a reliable supplier? Cheers
  4. hi peeps, good to meet you all, to get to the point i've just bought my 1st toyota after many years of owning german metal and everything i've owned so far i've ended up not very godd at keeping things standard i'm so here's my new well to me at least project an Ma61 86 celica supra, she's not in perfect condition but very useable and ive got say for a 20+ yr old car drives real nice here's a few pics of my last projects ive only just sold this after owning it for 5yr, it started life as a beat up 91 8v gti but i fully restored it and fitted a 2.9 VR6 engine / running gear this is my real passion working/ restoring bikes...this is my 86 yamaha FZR 1000 exup, it started life as 7 boxes of bits it now has over 190rwhp good to meet you all Steve