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  1. Hi guys, my 2014 Yaris hybrid goes from a full tank to three quarters and I've done approximately 160 miles, however the display shows that I've only got a range of 166 miles left. It's a very long time since I was at school, but is it decimalisation responsible for this dramatic change in mathematics or is there some other reason for this apparent error? I'd be very grateful if one of you young and mathematically competent young Turks could enlighten me. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the benefit of your pearls of wisdom gents, it was a very rapid deceleration with tyre squeal, however I haven't dared try the car since getting home. After reading your replies you've given me the confidence to test the car with more optimism as it is always good to hear from someone with more knowledge/experience than yourself, once again thank you.
  3. Can anyone please tell me why there is no device on the gear knob of a 2014 Yaris Hybrid to prevent shifting into reverse gear accidently. Today as I was travelling at 30mph, I accidently knocked the gear shift into reverse. I was less than a mile from home, and drove there with no apparent difference to the way the car drives or feels (fingers crossed). Needless to say I shall be praying to the Great Mechanic in the sky for the best of luck, however i've since been wondering why there is nothing to prevent the shifting of of gear direction and would be grateful for any enlightenment. Also is
  4. Hi, can anyone tell me if there are any Daylight Running Lights available that would fit in the foglight area of a 2006 Verso T Spirit. I've checked the usual suspects (Halfords Amazon etc), but they all seem too big. Is there a conversion for the foglights, bearing in mind that I want them to be street legal? Any advice would be welcome, thanks.
  5. Hi Devon, thank you for replying, I shall pm you the vin number. John
  6. Hi folks, I've got the above codes showing on my 2006 corolla verso. The car is a t spirit 1800 VVTI manual 5 speed. I'd be grateful for any information you can give me. The SRS light is constantly on and cannot be cleared when using a code reader. Thanks for your help.
  7. Hi Guys, Can anyone give me information regarding the fault code B1152. The SRS light has come up on my 2006 Corolla Verso 1.8VVTi Manual. A local electrician has extracted the code, but couldn't give me any more information so I'd be really grateful for any info.
  8. retjo


    I believe that the 3 door hatchback is built in Turkey and the 5 door is built in Derby. Hope that helps
  9. retjo


    I thought Auris's were made in the UK.
  10. Thank you for your welcome, I am off to a forum that caught my eye re the fitting of Cruise Control.
  11. Hello feheri, thanks for adding me as a friend, please tell me about yourself.


  12. Hello Gents, I am a wrinkly that is the owner of an Auris TR D4D that has done 17000 miles in 4 years(reg Nov 2007), and this is my first Toyota.
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