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    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me with an advice. I've purchased my Auris SR 180 2.2d just under a year ago from Currie Motors Toyota in Chiswick. It is a 58, first reg end of Jan 2009, and it had just under 23K on the clock. I've paid 11.25K for it. Being a single mum, not particularly into cars (I just like them not to be lazy…), I've chosen to buy my car from an established dealer, mainly for a 'total peace of mind' as they have it displayed as their motto all over the showroom. And I’ve accepted to pay a premium price for this pleasure. Couple of weeks ago, I went to my local tyre place, just to check how much it would cost to repair slightly damaged front left alloy (had to swerve to avoid a collision, and have scratched it on the curb). Very kind guy checked it, but noticed my tyre was in a very bad state - all cracked and on the edge of being legal. I've never even carefully looked at the tyres before (apart from checking the pressure), as I presumed they were still ok - car was under two years old when I bought it, and I've done only 4k in a year. I had all the tyres checked, only to discover the following: - My front two tyres are Pirelli, and were made in week 36 (August) 2007, about a year and a half before the car was registered. They are both cracked throughout, like a soil in Savannah :-), and are almost illegal; - My back left tyre is Dunlop, made in week 8 2008, and is probably the only original tyre (I think this model was originally fitted with Dunlop tyres) on the car; it is in a OK condition. - My right back tyre is a Michelin, made week 16 2006!!! So two and a half years older than a car itself. Very old, all cracked, I could barely read the brand and a production date. I was absolutely staggered with my discovery and went the following day to see manager Michael who sold me the car. He was firm he did not want to take any responsibility, as the car was sold with tyres 'as seen'. He has double checked the info he had about the car, just to make sure I did not tempered with the tyres (which I did not), so he knows these tyres were fitted on the car he has sold to me. The best quote I had for all 4 tyres to be replaced is £540, as they are some fancy 225/45 type, so quite expensive. Can anyone help me with an advice what to do next? Am I right to think the tyres on the car which was 20 months old when purchased from a main dealer should last more than a mere 4000 miles? If I wanted to have three different brands of tyres, and to be prepared to have them changed after only 4K, I would have bought my car through the LOOT, or a Car Giant, probably for couple of thousands less. Is it too much to expect a 'peace of mind' for a bit more time/mileage? Any sound advice will be most appreciated, Natasha
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