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  1. what kind of MPG are you getting?
  2. i dont know, it could be anything, it's quite a built up area.
  3. i suspect it's something else as i have the same problem, the car drives completely fine, the warning lights come and go whenever it feels like it, my 12v was changed last year. i too wonder what it is.
  4. My alarm goes off every time I park it in a nearby Powerleague 5-a-side football place car park. It doesn't happen anywhere else but there. No one inc the dealership people can solve this mystery. I've settled with locking the car with the key like the 80s.
  5. Well it looks like a case of waiting for a year or two for the price to drop before buying one. £30k for a plasticky car is not right. Even the little VW polo is better screwed than that. I drove it the other day and I must say I was kind of disappointed. I had my heart set on buying one for my family (20k now is about the right price) but it felt really sluggish probably due to its weight. Another thing I don't understand is why make the centre armrest bit so big but the storage space in it is so limited?
  6. Last few days I have noticed the rear window demisters not being as effective as it used to be. It used to take around 2-3 minutes to demist the whole back window, now takes 25-30 minutes. I opened the boot and had a brief look, I couldn't spot any breaks in the elements and as it still work I don't think it's the fuse. However the bottom 2-3 lines of elements (near the spoiler) did not seem to work. I shall have a proper inspection over the weekend. If there is a break in the line somewhere, would the following be a good product for a DIY job? http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servle
  7. You said 50 ish MPG is not impressive, i challenge you to find a similarly sized vehicle with a similarly sized engine in either petrol or diesel variant driving mainly in town to achieve that. you will consistently hit 50 or above but forget 70 plus.
  8. what's your budget by the way? there are some early gen 2 going for as low as £3000. it really is a big improvement over the previous generation.
  9. i got my recall letter also. i wonder when it will be called in to get it fixed. if anything, it's made me more anxious to get this done in case something bad happens. i previously checked the website and it stated my car was not affected. strange.
  10. one function i miss the most is heated mirrors. it would nice to press a button to demist it in the morning rather than going around the car for this. anyway OP, glad you're enjoying your car. i am 1 year into my 06 T spirit and still love it. Tired removing the wheel covers to reveal the better looking alloys?
  11. i had lights flashing left right and centre a few weeks back too then took it to toyota they diagnosed a faulty battery segment, replaced it and now everything is back to normal. if it hasn't been changed yet £90 buys you peace of mind for another 4-5 years.
  12. noisy engine when pushed can't see out the back esp when reversing into a space (no sensors/camera) no heated mirrors power socket is in the armrest, if you connect e.g. a satnav on the windscreen the wires will run from inside the armrest to the windscreen, the armrest won't be able to close as a result Shallow boot short EV mode colour of my car (my fault) Climate control does not turn on Air Con itself when weather gets hot
  13. hope it will look nothing like that, that's disgusting
  14. Very fussy OP hehe Your question is quite vague and it's hard to give you an exact answer. Any cars of any manufacturers can have problems, some more than the others (like Renault/Citroen/Peugeot). I am confident Toyota is still as good as they have been despite of the high profile recalls. It doesn't actually put me off at all. To me it's actually a good sign a company is willing to admit mistakes and correct things. I've had about 3 Toyotas in my life and I never had any major problems with them - no bills/service cost more than £400 at any given time. Frankly with a new car, covered by the
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