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  1. Hi Thanks for replies - the readings were taken from my own digital guage so at least were consistant I haven't thought about the air temp, certainly not several psi change. always tried to inflate them as soon after starting out as possible but will check again over this week now its a cold autumn. Then I'll have to find a decent tyre fitter and get the tyres off and look at the bead seal area and the bead themselves. Last time explained the problem to the fitter who changed the valves, and they just got on with it, didn't show me the wheels or say there was corrosion, and took the money!!! -- that also took two trips as they'd not replaced one valve the first time!!! If its corrosion causing a poor seal, which goes away as the tyres sags on to the rims, will the alloy need re-painting after cleaning? Do general alloy wheel refurbishers do that sort of work? or very specialist people? Any recommendations in Wiltshire? Hopefully its either corrosion or knacker tyres and not both, that'd would be a big ouch Cheers
  2. Hi My first post and a really 'strange' one -- I hope you can help. On all the tyres on my 2002 T Sport the pressure keep dropping by 2 or 3 PSI, over about a week, from 30 to 27 ish and then stay there -- so not a slow puncher. They are the original alloy rims with 4 year old Toyos fitted, only do about 5000 a year and still decent tread on them. I've had new valves fitted and the white gunk slapped around where the bead fits but it still happens. A real pain having to go the the air pump everytime I fill up - now often 50p or a quid a time ( money for old air!!!) Anyone else had/seen this and found a cure? Cheers
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