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  1. So they have booked my car in for next weekend. Anybody got any idea how long the steering shaft work take? Also do they check wheel alignment after replacing the steering components?
  2. Toyota customer relations called again today. The lady was on the phone for about 15 minutes and very apologetic. She however insisted that this was a communication breakdown rather than the dealership having any malicious intentions. I clearly denied communication issues, as it was clearly told to me that the part has been changed. She however was very much defensive of the dealership. No surprise as big dealerships get Toyota a lot of business! She also told me that dealers have an independent way of running their businesses and Toyota only have limited control. Toyota GB has no powers to investigate, this would only be an internal enquiry. My advice to other Avensis owners would be to insist for paperwork for any recall work done in the future.
  3. Received a steering shaft recall for my 03 Avensis 1.8. Booked with RRG Huddersfield. Dropped the car in the morning, got a call to pick up the car in the afternoon. The car had not been washed for over a month, I was surprised to see no finger marks on the wheels. They were as dirty as I had left. The lady at the desk gave me a health check report stating that oil, coolant and brake fluid levels low. They were absolutely normal though. She also suggested that I get all 4 discs and brake pads changed at a cost of £460. I asked for paperwork regarding recall work done, she said they do not normally provide any paperwork, and refused. She said this work would however be updated on Toyota's database. I was not happy and wrote to Toyota. Toyota called me 2 days later saying that dealers do not normally provide any paperwork, but in this instance the service manager has agreed to write a report. This morning, I received a call from service manager asking me if I can book the car in again. He apologised and accepted that no work, even an inspection had not been done when I first booked the car in. This would have gone unnoticed if I had not called Toyota. I have complained to Toyota again, they accepted that this is a serious issue and would escalate it. She suggested that I book the car with some other dealership this time. However this would mean travelling and no compensation for that from Toyota. So it seems that the dealerships can avoid touching the car, and claim costs from Toyota for repair work done.
  4. Got a mobile auto electrician to install the door speakers today. Alpine 17 cm 2 way 40W RMS. Was very surprised to see how flimsy the original speakers were, and Toyota had quoted £94 for 1 speaker + labour. The installer charged £25 for each door + speakers £45 and adaptor £12. The original speakers are built into the original adaptor, fitted on rivets which needed drilling out. The adaptor which he used was toyota corrola front door adaptor, which also required drilling into the door. Then the speakers wire required crimping as the original speakers had a special wire adaptor which won't fit on aftermarket speakers. Manish.
  5. I have a 2003 Avensis, the front driver side speaker of which is rattling and not making any meaningful sound. Called Toyota Huddersfield who quoted £94 for just one speaker + one hour labour!! Is it definately 6.5 inch? Even some very good quality ones are not more than 35-40£ a pair! Can somebody recommend a good auto electrician in West Yorkshire area who can replace this speaker for me please? Thank you. Manish.
  6. Thank you very much for all your replies. You are right, the front 2 tyres have got cracks in the sidewall obvious to anybody. The dealer offered replacements, but with a non premium brand, I opted for a free service instead. I will get Michellins after completing the purchase. Battery probably needs replacing as well. i checked the old MOT's on the DVLA website, the mileage is right and also confirmed on the HPI check. Have ordered a car inspection worth £170 today, a bit steep for a cheap car but thought worth getting it done after a previous bad experience. Will wait to see what they say? The car initially did 17k in the first 2 years, then sold onto this elderly couple who only did 4000 miles in 6 years! So it has primarily done only short journeys with no service history. Manish.
  7. Dear all, I am a newbie here and just put a small deposit on a avensis 1.8 vvti 2003 with only 21000 miles on the clock. Only part service history as owned by a elderly couple and not used much apparently. I have 2 queries and would be grateful if members could answer please? 1. The car had a disabled tax disc, the dealer has said that I need to buy insurance cover before hand, he will have to go the local tax office and get the disc changed before he can sell it to me? I was not aware of such issues, is he right that I need to buy insurance first. Also I am doing a part exchange, plan was to end the insurance on my current car on a specified date (date of buying) and change it to the new car and pay the difference to direct line. However, I am not sure if direct line would be give cover for 2 cars on the same policy while I am still driving my old car and also requiring a cover note for the avensis?? 2. Having read a huge number of posts regarding oil consumption on pre 2005 1.8 vvti, do you think its worth spending another 1000-1500 pounds and buying a newer model, or perhaps a honda accord/civic. Or 21000 miles is too low a mileage for such problems. Thank you very much. Manish.
  8. hello all from Yorkshire. Placed a deposit today for a avensis 1.8 vvti 2003.