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  1. I have owned both and they are bith great cars, I like the more hardcore touch that the Civic offers but you wont be disapointed with either!
  2. If you look at the PDF of the performance figures that Toyota released the other day it shows there will still be a "LIFT" zone maybe not quite as pronounced as the normally aspirated model though! Nick
  3. I reckon FenSport will proberly sort out some sort of pully kit to up the boost on the Supercharger no need to swap it for a Turbocharger! I just hope it comes fitted with LSD so it can put all that power down! Nick
  4. Is this a fact only 1000 will be made, whats is that all about? Please tell this isnt a fact! I was considering looking in to one of these! Nick
  5. I would be interested in changing my Type-R for one of these, if is goes as good as it looks! Nick
  6. Why would a CTS appear on the Civic forum? ;) ← I was talking about an 04 Civic Type-R!
  7. Ok no problem, the reason I asked is because on the facelift models all the wheel arches are insulated this does make a big difference to the sound in side the car. A facelift car can be picked up as cheap as £13795 on the Civic forum but you will have to be patient. :)
  8. Glad you found some of my info interesting do mine me asking what your buget is? Nick
  9. Maybe its just me but the majority of owners I have met on the Honda forums since I changed my Corolla T-Sport to a Civic Type-R have been real enthusiasts. Unfortunately though it’s not a NSX Type-R, it an affordable 17k hatch back which means inevitably some owners will be knobs, which is always a shame. Dont worry you havent touched a nerve, I am still very happy with my car despite whats been said. I just prefer the cult following with the Type-R brand but this dosnt mean I dont have a soft spot for the T-Sport anymore. I still get to drive one as one of my close friends owns a pre face lift model! I know the CTS very well indeed! Heres my old car: And here my CTR with my buddys CTS: CTS On The Limit!: Enjoy! Nick
  10. This is true and I aggree with you, but to say all Type-R drivers are knob heads is a little daft dont you think!
  11. Busterisace, Mate once you start the modding game it become very hard to stop, before I sold my Corolla T-Sport I was strongly thinking about getting a TRD (Toyota Racing Development) exhaust sysytem fitted these can be bought from Tune a Car (CTS Exhaust System) this is by far one of the best systems around for your car and will improve performance no end! I hope this helps! Nick
  12. That’s a bit of a far-fetched comment, what leads to believe that every Civic Type-R driver is a knob head? I would be interested to hear your reason why, because I am certainly not thanks very much! I was driving to my girlfriends the other evening when some idiot came steaming up my rear end as soon as he could he drew level with my car, guess what it was a Corolla T-Sport. So does that make every T-Sport owner a knob head, er no…… it doesn’t Like I said before for driver thrills the Type-R is far and away the better car, but its doesn’t offer any of the creature comforts that the Toyota offers but when it only come out at the weekend this is not a problem. For the enthusiast the Honda offers much more in the way of performance modification, which I also enjoy! Nick
  13. Sorry FMRL you just stole 9bph from the CTS in that post, the CTS had 189BHP! Nick
  14. It all down to what you want from the car, I went from the CTS to a CTR as it suited my more than the Corolla. The Type-R is much more of a drivers car than the T-Sport but the Corollas the better car if you rack up the miles! Any questions please just ask, or vist our Type-R forum! Type-R.org
  15. Unfortunately this is the Corollas major downfall, great engine but a naff gearbox and clutch. You will find the smell wont disappear you do have to be very careful not to ride the clutch but this a known fault and is nothing to do with your driving style. I had to have my clutch replaced under warranty after 20,000 miles only for the replacement clutch to fail a further 500 miles later. Really wish Toyota would get round to sort out this problem out it not fair on there owners. Not that it worries me to much anymore! Nick
  16. Get a quote on the T-Sport first as it may not be as bad as you think. Dont go down the diesel rote unless you have to fella you will only want to up grade that soon as well! Nick
  17. You can start to why I decided to make the move across to Honda now, there are just to many problems that nobody seemed to want to iron out! Nick
  18. I had the very same problems with my car regarding the grinding noise, it totaly baffeled me to be honest and I had lost all respect for my dealer with all the other trouble. Unfortunately I sold the car shortly after as this was my final straw, I hope these problems are sorted for you guys as I know what a great car the T-Sport is but the niggles really let it down! Nick
  19. Was going to say you can get nicked in anything now days, a 1.0 Harris is happy to do 100MPH all day long! I had a frendly blast with a GT4 the other day and there as nothing in it what so ever, nice fella as well! Nick
  20. Blacks a pain to keep clean but looks B) clean, Toyotas Alsace Granite colour is my favourite best all round colour. Looks very similar to Cosmic Grey for the my Type-R! Nick
  21. Looks good fella, now just whip out the Auto Glym! Nick
  22. I hate to be the bearer of bad new but I doubt will get much more than you paid for it, as people don’t tend to pay more for a car that’s been modded. I would say after all your hard work on the car I would hold on for it otherwise put it up for sale in Japanese Performance Car or Autotrader. Nick
  23. After lots of pratice you can just about land in the lift in second gear but its far from an ideal set up I must be honest. It will become easier as the car loosens up without a doubt but the gear ratios has always been one of the T-Sports flaws along with the gearbox itself. I am though surpised by you finding the brakes weak as I have always thought the T-Sports brakes were fantastic until they were very warm only then did you get loads of brake fade but unless you drive you car very hard or track it you really wouldnt know what I mean! Nick
  24. Its funny you can see 2/3 Civics in one day and then not see another for weeks! More Civics out there than Corollas though! Nick
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