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  1. I have been told that the TPS is only for calls originating in the UK.
  2. Hope you had a good birthday and enjoyed jae. :)
  3. The only scooby you would get at 3.5k would be a complete dog (excuse the pun). Do not even consider it. I vote for gen 6 celica. Go for something you have not had before, just for more interest.
  4. I don't like men in pink at all, especially as it is such a girlie colour. You will see lots of men in hot pink t-shirts at JAE (they drive scoobies and come from Essex). I have already told some of those guys that they look gay...lol
  5. Mine is paid too (bbq)
  6. Looks like a good day, glad it went well. Perfect weather for the wedding. Thanks for the pics. :)
  7. Happy belated birthday. Hope you enjoyed the day. :)
  8. Assuming this is for the Saturday. Please add me to the veggie list. (I am sure Garrick knows the payment info)
  9. I am glad you got the car without any trouble, just a shame you were not told earlier. You must have been seriously stressed before getting KITT back. Don't worry about the sparkle too much, you have a car for jae and that is the good bit. :)
  10. Hope you both have a wonderful day and that it marks the start of a good time together.
  11. I heard from my dad today (via my mum). He is a senior person in the fire brigade and has spent today in the tunnel at Kings Cross. The scene is horrific. He said there are about 25 bodies in there (not allowed to be removed yet). Many injured people have had limbs blown off. I will probably hear the graphic details later, don't worry I will not post them here. I feel sad for the poor familes waiting to hear from those missing.
  12. I missed it too. Hope you had a good birthday :)
  13. Hope you had a great birthday :)
  14. Am I the only one in the Marriott then? (just across the road from the holiday inn)
  15. There probably will be a pass or something similar issued (yet to be decided by the jae organisers). These will be issued to everyone who has paid for a spot on a stand, this may be what you were thinking of.
  16. I remember JAE 03. Meeting some of you at the services on the Friday(and someone thinking he was picking up a supra roof at jae) was funny. I actually prefered JAE 03 to 04. Except for Garrick winning a trophy. p.s. I wish my entire messages would get posted (I have problems posting from work)
  17. Is this linked to the sidc photo thing at the same time (just wondering)?
  18. Thanks for letting me post my own pictures Garrick. Next testing dates are 13-15 Sept, although not as many teams will be present.
  19. There wil be lots of spectators as many people know about the testing (it has been on the Silverstone website for months), the other motoring websites I read have messages about it too. I t
  20. Have a good birthday :)
  21. I missed this yesterday, sorry. Hope you had a great birthday and got some nice pressies. :)
  22. The meet at Northampton is 7pm, to leave for 7.15. Garrick, you made up the 18:30 bit :P
  23. My scooby was on the scooby stand. I did not see any stupid action from any members. Although I noticed Jerry loitering in the area, so maybe he is thinking about his next purchase :P Nice to see the Toc stand and catch up with some of you (although for some it was too breif due to impending rain). So did anyone actually stop drying their car during the day?
  24. Nope, but me and some of the other Northants Jap peeps will be going next Sunday.
  25. Wouldn't it be nice if you saved them until tomorrow and then shared them? I assume you are feeling mean (I know I would not share them).
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