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  1. Just had a look at this and although the pivot case comes off easily enough, I cant see a way of removing the metal pivot from the wiper blade and turning the blade the other way around (might have been a long day !) - Any clues ? I assumed you had been able to turn the blade thru 180 deg so that the aerofoil is correct Thxs Russ Russ The wiper blade rubbers fit around the metal pivot. To shange the rubber around; 1st remove end plastic clip, then remove plastic cover over metal pivot . now genly remove complete rubber wiper. Turn it around and refit back in reverse order. check wiper is secure before fitting back to the car. for help in degreasing the windscreen can't beat pure white vinegar and its cheap 2.......
  2. Sure the wind wasn't blowing u along on that stretch of motorway or you being sucked along by all the lorries slip streams............. seems u had a lot of regenerative power going back into the battery I do that trip regularly and can get similar screeens and average about 57 mpg in summer. when i read these posts about fuel economy when people compare to diesel etc..... not many mention that the prius is in fact an automatic as well. so now u find me an automatic diesel which will give 50+ mpg ....... :
  3. After reading about these windscreen wipers on this forum i purchased the three required at 2:15 pm on monday from dorset autospares and by 9 am tuesday they were with me. Well done that company! fitted them and yep one appeared to be upside down the drivers one. Never mind using a tiny screw driver the little plastic bits all come off and the wiper can be disaamlbed ; then reasembled so it fits correctly . piece o' cake. testingg in the rain ..marvellous clear windscreens. a point to remember.... if you get polish or motorway slime grime on the windscreen the view can still be smearery? U need to de grease the glass well
  4. I have a 2006 T spirit and have covered 49000 miles and i changed the tyres after 42000miles because of punctures but still above legal limit. I always use 2.4Bar front and 2.3 Bar rear as per toyota manual for single occupancy. Fully loaded use 2.6 Bar front 2.4 Bar rear. I check trye pressures every 2 weeks ......... if the tyre pressures are higher the ride becomes harder, to improve marginally the fuelconsumption try 2.5 Bar Front and 2.4 Bar rear.. never got my head around PSI.......
  5. JTD I have the Toyota prius T spirit with IPA after having an avensis with rear parking sensors. Having used both systems I can enlighten you to a few things. The IPA in the Prius uses a camera mounted near the rear number plate which comes on when you select reverse and you get a nice picture of the rear view. When selected you can also have grid lines yellow and red. A word of caution the rear niew is very wide angle and it looks that you have lots of room but it will rapidly decrease as you move backwards. My rule of thumb is that the red warning line is the rear of the car. Just to confuse you the Prius emits a warning beep inside the car to advise the driver that he/she is in reverse. It has the same tone as the parking sensors beeper. It ain;t half confusing when you first get the car as you go backwards and the beeping tone doesn't change, until you you hit something and then it still beeps until N or D is selected. As for the Inetliigent park it takes so long to set up its quicker to park using convential means Look and judge. Bottom line use the camera view with caution but always check with your eyes looking rear wards and checking the wing mirrors. If you want rear sesnor parking as well I believe they are an add on accesseory but it will cost from Mr T. (>£380) My local dealer told me several customers have had both systems fitted. The toyota user manual for the IPA is very good and easy to understand, not like the sat nav! hope this helps
  6. Can you dim the dash lights then? I've been searching everywhere for a rheostat but can't fond one! There isn,t a rheostat, Push the trip meter button to cylce through to the dashes 1 dash is the dimmest
  7. Hi Martin I drive a Prius Tspirit as a company car and on average drive about 30,000 miles a year. I have had my Prius since new in November 06 and I can share a few things with you to put your mind at rest with your decision. I mostly do motorway work and across the seasons I have never dropped below 51.4 MPG. I average out total fuel put in over total distance covered. The trip recorder gives an optimistic by journey average. Sure you can get 70+ mpg short term but for better meaning you have to average out over a longer period of time. . If you want to race pedal to metal etc etc along, perhaps the Prius is not the choice , but if you want a car to go A2B in quiet comfort its a good choice. Just remember when your staionary in those proverbial traffic jams itz money in your pocket cosyour not using any fuel! If you have the cruise control it will help the fuel economy and locks on to the set speed better than some other systems. It will take a little while to get used to it, but opnce your familiar as to how the prius is using its CVT you can gain good speeds and accelerations whilst returning a 50+mpg. Itz got a few quirky things .....that old chestnut No heated mirrors and it buzzes at you when in reverse, and a button for a parking brake , but hey its still a excellent car. I down sized from a tyota avensis 2.0L Auto and the saving in fuel is truly siginificant. welcome to the clan I hope you enjoy your Prius
  8. Hi I used to have a 2.0 L T Spirit auto saloon 03 plate and ran it for 3 years. completed 78000 miles and recorded every liter of petrol used over the period. Each day was a 70 mile round trip with 75% motorway. The average over each year was 34.6 mpg-35.13 mpg. this was calculated from liters and total miles Individual journeys could be nearly 39mpg but around town would drop to about 25mpg. These figures taken from the trip computer. The other point I noted was the premium fuels say from Shell or BP made the car mpg slightly better and perform better but couldn't justify the whopping extra you had to pay At the end of the day the fuel consumption proportional to pressure of right foot!
  9. Seejay I have the answer to your red dots as I have the a prius T spirit 06 model. When you select a destination and you accept the route , it is displayed as a blue line. Along this line are the red dots which are the internal way points the system uses to map out your route. You will notice they are at regular intervals. You will also note that they will occur just before the route changes directions say for turnings or roundabouts. Have you noticed the red triangles which denote traffic information..... having tried several SAt nav systems I find the Prius unit up with the best. hope this helps
  10. Anmida I have nov06 Tspirit Prius and I can confrim when you add fuel the miles does reset. You have to manually reset the av. MPG. I personally feel it is better this way as the MPg can be reset before different types of journeys and you can compare the different mpg's the car is returning.
  11. I have also noticed that my speedometer reading is on the generous side. I use a snooper detector which will compute your average speed over 4 secs against the satellite tracking position and real time clock as this is showing about 6mph less than the speedomemter reading I subtract the difference and use that as a more accurate guide . So if I want to drive at 70mph I drive at an indicate 73mph on the speedometer. It seems a shame that the speedo's can't be calibrated accurately as the input are electronic pulses from the transmission. I bet their is a calibration twiddly pot somewhere or some software fudge factor lurking in the bowels of the prious electronics.....
  12. Julncamp


    Whats the consensus of opinion out there is Prius pronounced PrEEus or PrIus.......
  13. I had a Silver Fern metallic color Toyota Avensis T spirit 2.0LVVti model with the auto /sequential gearbox It is a late 03 plate and is now retaxed and MOT'd. It is the satandard T spirit model; but many additional genuineToyota options / accessories have been added. It has the Full Map DVD Sat Nav with remote control. Parking Sensors; Tilt and slide sun roof; and mobile phone hands free kit for Nokia. It has 12months genuine Toyota extended warranty. It is in very good condition and has a full service history form the local toyota dealer. It has covered 78900 miles but drives like new, there are a few minor stone chip damages to the front spoiler It has recently been serviced ( 80K) and valeted for the future owner. Over the life span the mpg has averaged out at 35.6mpg. Individula journeys can manage 39.8mpg Yes the mileage is fairly high but its daily run has been 45 miles to work with 60% motoway at 70mph. It has been carefully driven and well looked after and service above and beyond the manufactures recommendation. Its well known at the local Toyota dealers as an expectional car. The reason for selling is I need to reduce my petrol bill!..... diesel avensis or Prius..... This is the top of the range avensis and i'm asking £8150 ono If genuinely interested please contact me for any further information This car is now SOLD
  14. The car has now been SOLD
  15. I have the 2.0L T spirit Auto and yesterday I filled up 2 miles from the motorway with super u/l and drove from Birmingham to Blackpool all up the motorway between 70-80 and the trip computer said 40.1mpg!! averaged out over 2 1/2 years usage at 30000miles per year 35.8mpg.
  16. Your figure of 26.8 averaged over 3000 miles does appear to be on the low side. If you're driving round town A/C ontrying to achieve celica performance I think your'e not going to win in the consumption stakes... Most of my driving is boring motoway stuff 45miles to work then 45miles back again, journey 80% motorway at 70mph............. You say the car has been serviced. hope the airfilter is clean and the tire pressures are OK....... try a mpg computation using the good old fashion method fill her up run the tank divide number of miles by no of gals put in the tank to refill........
  17. Julncamp


    Try using Shell Optimax does it help??
  18. I have the T Spirit 2.0L auto and the av fuel consumption will vary from 34.2 to 38.5 mpg depending on journey type. If I do a couple of very short trips the average for that tank full will drop to 32mpg. All in all its still better than the ofiicial Toyota figures though. I noticed if I use super u/L I can get over 40 mpg. after computing fuel costs for two years and 52000 miles driven average consumption works out to 38.6 mpg. I only use the figures as a guide to monitor that the fuel systems are still OK. Any sudden or significant change would indicate trouble brewing in the management system.
  19. I applaud the level you guys are going to to get your Sat Nav's correct. But wait a minute with the proliferation of much cheaper sat nav systems on the market isn't it time Mr Toyota GB got to grips with it self and stop ripping off us customers . :ffs: Come on Toyota drop your'e upgrade DVD price ..............
  20. If your avensis is a brand new one have you got the modified suspension bushes for you guys out in Sweden Finland etc? That might explain some difference you noted. Another point is that the tyre pressure used can influence road handling and noise especially on the 17" low profile tyers. I rigidly stick to 2.4bar all around.
  21. After you have done 5000 miles, when you change the oil put 750 ml can of Slik50. You'll have the quietest and smoothest engine on the planet......... I've been a avid supporter of the stuff for 20years. ......
  22. You say there is lack of bass from you're supa woofers. You should check that the phasing of the speakers are ok especially if they are close together. Make sure the positive of the speakers goes to the positives of the speaker outputs of the amp, and the negatives to the negatives . If you get it wrong the speakers act against each other and cancel out the sound!
  23. I have read more than a few posts on the forum regarding road tyre noise with the new model Avensis. I own a T Spirit Auto 2003 model and have just clocked up 52000 miles; yep 52000 and have been advised by my friendly local toyota dealer that its time to change the original Dunlop sport 3000A tyres. I checked out a few web pages and the reports for the Dunlop sport SP9000 seemd to meet the criteria for performance and quietness. I bought a set of 4 (ouch!) but the Lexsus spec'd version of the Dunlop Sport SP 9000. I can confirm that the road noise is now significantly reduced and the handling and cornering enhanced. On that new Birmin'ham toll road. The road surface is so good you have to strain yer ears to hear anything at all from the Avensis at 70++mph..........
  24. There is some craking stuff on the market just designed to remove tape glue etc. Its available from electronics shops, Radiospares, Maplin? CPC components its called label remover. We use it all the time to remove the sticking tapes and plaster found on medicla equipment. It wont harm the paint work..
  25. Can I suggest you look in the hand book, and check the fuse rating for your fuse powering the horn. This will give you the value for the relay. Beware the horn is always live so connecting anything to the circuit runs the risk of shorting the battery out or at least popping the fuses. Your horn load enough, Is it faulty? try winding down the window and shout ger 'ot way!!
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